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Online Slot Review: Dr Toonz – the Reactoonz Meet Their Maker

With the release of Gargantoonz on 30 November 2023, we thought we'd have a retrospective on Dr Toonz. In the meantime, you can demo all of the Reactoonz online slots here for free. Lab equipment is sold separately!

Dr Toonz Game Review Banner

This slot is a landmark title for the Reactoonz IP. Why? It answers the simple question of where the Reactoonz came from. No, they’re not alien creatures as once prophesied in Energoonz, Reactoonz and Reactoonz 2 – they’re lab-born creations courtesy of Dr Richard Toonz. Read on as we unpack all the intricate details behind Dr Toonz and his penchant for inventions in this review of Dr Toonz. Lab goggles at the ready!

Technical Data

Dr Toonz is a sci-fi-themed 6x4 grid slot that pulls from the outlandish world of sci-fi lore. This title features colour-based power-up mechanics, a Quantumeter, reminiscent of the Quantum Wilds in the other Reactoonz titles, as well as a powerful Free Spins round.

How to Play Dr Toonz

Welcome to Dr Toonz, an exciting grid slot game that takes players to the lab. In this title, the goal is to match clusters of aliens to create winning combinations. All alien symbols from previous Reactoonz titles are here, only this time – Plasma Balls and DNA Helix symbols take centre stage as this title’s Wilds and Scatters, respectively.

Once a cluster is matched, it will be removed from the grid, and players will be transported to another world. But don't worry. New aliens will cascade into view to fill the empty positions, allowing players to form new winning combinations.

Ever wondered "what is a grid slot?" Then take a look at our deep dive into this popular style of slot game here.

The Features of Dr Toonz


Let's talk about the Quantumeter. It starts at zero to two charges on each spin in the base game. Whenever a winning cascade is secured - the Quantumeter charges up by one, with a maximum of three charges. Once fully charged, the Quantumeter activates after all winning combinations are collected. Players can charge up the Quantumeter once per spin or Free Spin.

The Charge Features

Each charge features a unique colour chosen randomly on each spin or Free Spin. This makes every round exciting and unpredictable. The Blue Quantum Wilds feature adds two to six Wild symbols to the reels, increasing the players' chances of winning big. The Yellow Metamorphosis feature transforms a minimum of five and a maximum of eight symbols into another symbol, excluding Wilds and Scatters. The Red Disintegration feature removes all one-eyed symbols, replacing them with two Wilds.

Free Spins

The game awards between 10 and 25 Free Spins when a player lands three, four, five, or six Scatter symbols on the grid. On every Free Spin, one or more reels will have an x2 Multiplier that doubles the number of winning symbols on that reel. Up to six Multipliers can activate, and the win amount can be multiplied up to x64. Now that’s a reel reward. The Quantumeter starts with one or two charges on each Free Spin, upping player potential.

Graphics and Visuals

Dr Richard Toonz is an ingenious scientist who created the Reactoonz, the little bundles of energy that we all recognize today. One of his most impactful experiments is easily his audio-visual work on this title. Players can catch a glimpse of his symbol inventions on the reels.

Backdrop-wise, Dr Toonz  takes place in a scientific laboratory, where players will encounter fun, bubbly, and colourful symbols representing the Reactoonz. These symbols can emote, which helps to immerse the player into the world of Dr Toonz.

Dr Toonz Screenshot

Where to Play Online Slots like Dr Toonz

Players can find online slots such as Dr Toonz  on various online platforms and slot merchants that offer Play'n GO games. These platforms can provide awesome promotional deals to enhance the gaming experience. Additionally, some offer free-play versions of the game, which allows players to get familiar with its features and mechanics before embarking on a biotech adventure.

Final Verdict

Dr Toonz is a stellar slot Play'n GO's extensive range of science-fiction-themed titles. This innovative title boasts an engaging storyline, visually stunning graphics, innovative gameplay, and evolves the Reactoonz character lore. It offers players a dynamic, thrilling online slot lab extravaganza.

Dr Toonz  is more than a typical slot game – it's a narrative reinvention of the Reactoonz filled with twists and turns. Put on a lab coat, grab a petri dish and start the experimentation!

Looking for more – why not check out our Energoonz review? And don't forget, you can demo online slots like Dr Toonz as well as the entire Play'n GO catalogue of games below!




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