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Licences and Certification

Play’n GO has been successful in establishing itself as a reputable software supplier of quality, creative and appreciated casino content. We are licenced to provide our content in several well-established gaming jurisdictions across the world. With years of experience of providing casino content in regulated markets, we have ensured that our products are able to adhere to the strictest technical standards, as well as continue to provide a great user experience. We understand the complexity of doing business in diverse regulatory environments, therefore we are well suited to develop and adapt so that we maintain our reputation as a reliable partner to our clients, who are always interested in expanding their operations to new or existing regulated markets.

We recognise our clients need to expand, and we seek to be able to expand with them. Play’n GO aims to be on the forefront of developments, taking steps to ensure that our software is developed in accordance with the applicable technical and compliance requirements. As a result to this approach, we have over the course of the past 3 years achieved to add more than 10 jurisdictions to our list of regulated markets, while also planning to enter other jurisdictions of key interest to us and our clients. These achievements testify our commitment to further establish ourselves as one of the top software suppliers in regulated markets.

Our licences include:

Play’n GO also offer certified content compatible with an extensive number of jurisdictions. These include, but are not limited to:

Buenos Aires Province | Colombia | Croatia | Czech Republic | Denmark | Estonia | Isle of Man | Italy | Latvia | Lithuania | Netherlands | Portugal | Switzerland



Our clients and their customers are getting fully certified offerings to ensure the highest security, integrity and fairness of the games. Such has been certified by accredited test laboratories including GLI, BMM and Quinel.

Disclaimer: All names, logos and brands, whether registered or unregistered, are property of their respective owners, thus may be protected by local and/or international trademark or copyright laws and are hereby expressly recognized as such. All company, product or service names used in this website are for identification or descriptive purposes only.

Game offering authenticity verification awareness notice

We have been made aware that there are game providers that offer copies of our games under the pretense of being aggregators or distributors of Play’n GO (and other) games. Some of these even provide games that on the surface appear legit and identical to our games, but make no mistake: they are not provided by us, nor by companies with the rights to provide them.

Obviously, we do not recommend using copies of our games. Aside from the fact that they may infringe on our copyright and trademarks, games that are not legitimate Play’n GO offerings do not benefit from our high quality and support. Worst case, they may not be properly certified and verified for fairness. Their use may be contrary to any regulatory approvals needed where you are providing your games and is likely to damage your brand and mislead players.

Therefore, if you are in any doubt as to the legitimacy of your intended supplier, please contact us so that we may confirm the authenticity of the games and the legitimacy of the offer.


Security and Data protection is of paramount importance to Play’n GO and as a testament of this we hold an ISO27001.

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