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Gargantoonz Review – Play’n GO’s Latest Eureka Moment Approaches

You can play free online slots such as Gargantoonz (Coming soon) at Play’n GO. You can also demo online slots such as the iconic titles in the Reactoonz series here!

What is Gargantoonz? Play’n GO’s latest addition to the Reactoonz series is nearly here, and it’s a big one. For fans that are looking to play free online slots and try out the latest games, they can demo online slots from Play’n GO’s entire library, including the Reactoonz series, right now. In Gargantoonz, players will get to meet the latest creation of the slightly unhinged genius Dr. Toonz: a small, one-eyed Gargantoon. This pocket-sized bundle of pure energy seems to pack all the punch of its gigantic counterpart, while being the size of its fellow Reactoonz.

How has the Reactoonz series changed? The process of evolution and refinement that the Reactoonz have gone through to reach this stage is not something that’s alien to Play’n GO. Since its founding way back in 2005, the company has undergone an incredible transformation from humble Swedish startup to iGaming powerhouse. This evolution, however, doesn’t appear to be stopping. With each release (that happens every week we should add), Play’n GO shows that they are always looking to adapt and learn from the industry.

New features, exciting gameplay, and engaging narratives always appear to be at the forefront of Play’n GO’s collective mind, evolving player experiences whilst maintaining what players enjoy about these games. When it comes to Gargantoonz, Play’n GO has perfectly captured what makes this series great. With its gorgeous aesthetics, pleasing audio, and thrilling gameplay, including some brand-new features, Gargantoonz has lined up to be one of the best.

Technical Data

In Gargantoonz, players will spin the reels to form winning combinations of five or more symbols across the 7x7 grid. These can be horizontally or vertically connected to form winning combinations. During this time, the genius Dr. Toonz prepares his experiments, ready for the Experiment Charger to be filled.

Gargantoonz Features To fill the Experiment Charger, each symbol in a winning combination adds one to the charge, which resets each spin. Earn enough winning symbols in one round and you’ll fill the Experiment Charger enough for things to get underway.

When filled sufficiently, this charge meter will trigger one of three different features: Gamma Ray Burst, Black Hole, or Supernova. Each adds its own twist to the grid to increase win chances substantially. With the Gamma Ray Burst feature, seven to nine Wilds are added to the grid. Every winning combination also removes all other instances of the symbol that makes the cluster and counts them in the win.

With the Black Hole feature, four to six Sticky Wilds are added to the grid, remaining on the grid even after they are counted when they create winning clusters.Once all wins are counted, these Sticky Wilds will then implode, collecting all horizontally and vertically aligned symbols on the grid, too.

Should the charger trigger the Supernova, three to five Walking Wilds will appear on the grid instead. After one of these Walking Wilds creates a winning cluster, it will stay on the grid and move either horizontally or vertically, in an attempt to create another winning cluster. Should no more wins occur, all of the Walking Wilds will then move in random patterns around the grid, removing and counting every symbol they move across.

But these experiments are not being done for nothing. Dr. Toonz, as always, seems to have a plan. Every successful experiment that is completed will count towards the game’s Gargantoon Charger, evolving this new creation to the next level bringing with it a multiplier for the game. If every experiment is successful, the Gargantoon will awaken and leap onto the grid himself to wreak havoc. Splitting into eight 1x1 Gargantoon symbols, each with the appropriate multipliers earned. These will combine together after each win is counted, making two 2x2 Gargantoonz, and then the complete 3x3 Gargantoon.

A word from Play’n GO Play’n GO’s Head of Game Retention, George Olekszy had this to say about the latest addition to the series:

“It’s been nearly a decade now since the Reactoonz series began. Starting with Energoonz in 2013, the evolution into Reactoonz and the addition of new lore and gameplay mechanics really resonates with Play’n GO as a whole. This continuous development is perfectly reflected in the advancement of this series and others over the years. “With the creation of Gargantoonz, we feel as though this iteration is a culmination of the past 10 years working with this series. We strive to keep moving forward with our games instead of stepping backwards or to the side. Innovation is key when it comes to creating new and exciting experiences for players, and we are looking forward to seeing what folks think about this new chapter in the Reactoonz series.”

To see the Reactoonz series hit another milestone is sure to be an exciting time for fans. The features in Gargantoonz breathe even more life into an already flourishing series and you can see more of the Reactoonz series here. We are very much looking forward to seeing what next gargantuan installments will be in store over the years to come.




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