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Review: Viking Runecraft – Play’n GO’s Norse Mythology Epic

As we gear up for the release of Viking Runecraft 100 later this December, we thought it would be fitting to look back at the game that started it all – the legendary Viking Runecraft slot. You can try out our Norse Mythology slots for free on our website. If you’re brave enough, come and meet the mighty Gods of the North!

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As you step into the mythical land of Asgard, players will be greeted by a world of Norse mythology beautifully captured by Play'n GO's grid slot Viking Runecraft.

Narratively, the slot is set in a world filled with magic, runes, and battles of epic proportions – as the Vikings set out to conquer riches across land and sea. Players will stand on the battlefield alongside the mighty Odin, King of Gods as well as Thor, the strongest of all. Freya, the fiercest, and finally, Heimdall – the ever-watchful guardian. Your skills will be tested as you strive to impress these powerful gods and earn their blessings. As you rise in rank among your kin, you may even become one of the Gods yourself, a pathway paved with imaginable riches.

Get ready to immerse yourself in this captivating world and experience the thrill of the Gods, thunder and lightning with Viking Runecraft. Read on and learn about this classic mighty grid slot and demo for free.

Technical Data

Viking Runecraft is a dynamic 7x7 grid slot that whisks players away, drops amour into the hands and puts them onto the battlefield. The game consists of various powerful rune symbols, God-themed powers that amp up gameplay and potent Multipliers tough enough to sharpen any battle axe.

How to Play Viking Runecraft

In this game, players must make sure the symbols on the grid slots fall to form winning combinations. To win, three or more symbols must be secured horizontally or vertically in each row. there are four distinct Wild symbols, each representing a different God.

These symbols can be triggered when the Gift of the Gods feature is activated. They can substitute for any other symbol but do not have their own payouts. The slot also features many cool nods to Norse lore such as the Fury of Fenrir, Judgement of Jörmungandr, Scorching of Surtr and Lure of Loki mechanics.

The Features of Viking Runecraft

In the game, there are four central God characters – Thor, Odin, Freya, and Heimdall. Only one of these Gods is active at a single given time, and there is a 25% chance that the currently active God's power will trigger on non-winning game rounds.

Thor's Powers

Thor, the God of Thunder, creates between five and nine normal Wild symbols in different randomly selected positions. Odin, the God of Wisdom, adds Wilds in groups of two vertically connected on two different random positions.

Freya's Powers

Freya, the Goddess of Beauty, randomly selects four positions within the inner area of the grid. A Wild is created in each space, and if no wins are awarded, each Wild spreads to any adjacent symbol in any direction, adding four more Wilds to the grid. The process repeats until at least one win is achieved.

Heimdall's Powers

Heimdall, the God of Guarding can create one normal Wild on each row. The column position is randomized, but it cannot be the same selected column as the directly adjacent above and below rows.

The Ragnarök Feature

When a player wins on 40 symbols in a single initial game round before any Charge effect is triggered, it activates the Ragnarök feature. However, if any of the Charge of Destruction features have been triggered, the player needs to win on an additional 20 symbols before the game comes to a second stop. In this case, the Ragnarök feature is triggered instead of any Charge of Destruction feature.

At the end of a game round, if there are no more wins, the Ragnarök feature gets triggered. Instead of a normal Charge of Destruction feature, the Ragnarök feature takes over. The player receives one Free Re-Spin, which is a new game round with a fresh set of symbols.

Graphics and Visuals

Play’n GO’s Viking Runecraft is a visually stunning game with vibrant colours and dynamic animations. The game combines intricate symbols with well-developed Viking legends, powerful Gods, and embattled visuals to fully immerse players in the game's world.

With the unique abilities of each God and Goddess and the game's immersive world-building, this slot offers players a truly captivating experience. So, gear up and get ready for battle with the Vikings!

Where to Play Viking Runecraft?

Players can find Viking Runecraft on various online platforms that offer Play'n GO slots. These platforms sometimes provide enticing promotional offers to enhance the gaming experience. Some of them even offer free-play versions of the game, allowing players to familiarise themselves with its features and mechanics before embarking on a thrilling Viking adventure.

Final Verdict

Viking Runecraft is an undisputed grid slot classic from Play'n GO. This title served as a watershed moment for future Norse Mythology-based games as well as the ever-expanding Viking Runecraft series. The game's captivating theme, visually stunning graphics, gripping gameplay, and colourful battle-hardened iconography make it a truly innovative slot wonder.

If you liked this review, why not check out our review of Reactoonz or Boat Bonanza whilst we wait for Viking Runecraft 100’s arrival?




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