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Reactoonz Review – The Evolutionary Beginnings of Play’n GO’s Electrifying Series

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The Origins of Play’n GO

Since 2005, Play’n GO’s journey through the world of iGaming has been one of astronomical leaps. Their evolution, much like the captivating narrative of the Reactoonz series, mirrors the team’s commitment to providing out-of-this-world entertainment wherever possible. While the first title to be released was the popular Energoonz, it was the iconic Reactoonz that began to pave the way for the popular series itself. For players looking to play free online slots, and try out other games in the Reactoonz seeries, they can demo online slots at Play’n GO today.

What is Reactoonz?

The cosmos of online slot gaming is vast, but every once in a while, a game emerges that sparks wonder and redefines expectations. Evolving from its esteemed predecessor Energoonz, Reactoonz propels players to a world buzzing with electrifying bundles of alien energy.

Hidden away in his clandestine underwater laboratory, Dr. Toonz created the Reactoonz but this wasn’t revealed until later on in the series. These alien entities represent the next stage of evolution from the Energoonz, even if it was guided by the hand of Toonz. Now, these creatures are venturing out into space on their own and are looking to supercharge the Gargantoon, their powerful leader.

Technical Data for Reactoonz

Set against the backdrop of the infinite expanse of outer space, Reactoonz captivates with its stellar graphics. The vibrant Reactoonz themselves occupy the dynamic 7x7 grid, each vying for attention with their quirky designs. And with each spin, the meticulously crafted audio, characterized by sci-fi whizzes and zaps, ensures that players are fully immersed in this cosmic experiment.

The game mechanics of Reactoonz are just as vibrant as its visuals. Players can look forward to an array of electrifying features. Clusters of five or more aliens create winning combinations, zapping them off the grid. This allows others to fall into place, potentially leading to some electrifying chain reactions. But the true crown jewel of this slot? The mighty Gargantoon’s Quantum Leap charge meter.

As players accumulate energy from each winning cluster, this imposing creature waits eagerly on his base. When fully charged, one of four Quantum Features will trigger such as Demolition, which destroys all one-eyed Reactoonz and all matching symbols. If the Quantum Queue reaches the Gargantoon himself, he will leap onto the grid, and act as a massive 3x3 Wild, splitting apart after each cascade.

A Word from Play’n GO

Games Ambassador at Play’n GO, Magnus Wallentin, reflected on the significance of this title:

"The release of Reactoonz was a big moment for Play’n GO. Reactoonz added to the initial popularity of Energoonz and evolved this standalone game into the beginnings of the renowned series it is today. This is not only a huge testament to the power of successful branding, but it also makes a poetic comparison to the evolution of Play’n GO within the iGaming industry as a whole."

It’s clear that Reactoonz isn’t just another addition to Play’n GO’s extensive portfolio, too. The game demonstrates their ability to evolve with the times, read the market, and anticipate the future of this ever-changing industry. Reactoonz, much like Play’n GO’s growth trajectory, underlines their commitment to pushing the boundaries and offering unparalleled player experiences.

What is Play’n GO’s key message?

Recently, Play’n GO have been relaying their primary message to the iGaming world. They understand that first and foremost, it’s their games that have made them who they are today. Their dedication to creating these engaging new titles every week and their recognition of those games encompassing what Play’n GO is really about has led to the creation of the tagline: we are game.

What’s next for the Reactoonz series?

Players that want to play free online slots or are keen to explore the Reactoonz universe can dive into this cosmic adventure now. It’s also the perfect opportunity for those anticipating the upcoming release of Gargantoonz to refamiliarise themselves with this world. When experiencing these games, it becomes pretty clear that Play’n GO strives to keep innovating and setting new standards in the industry wherever possible. Their commitment to create consistently engaging and entertaining experiences often nets them high praise, with players and operators keenly awaiting every new release.

With Reactoonz, Play’n GO reiterated its promise - to look beyond industry expectations and to keep players at the heart of every gaming adventure. The evolution of the Reactoonz IP is a clear reflection of Play’n GO’s trajectory, from startup to iGaming giant. In a universe teeming with possibilities, Reactoonz shines as a beacon of innovation and engagement.




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