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Gigantoonz Review - The Reactoonz are Bigger and Better than ever

If you want to demo online slots like Gigantoonz then click here. You can play free online slots such as the Reactoonz series and many others over on Play’n GO now.

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As one of Play’n GO’s most popular series, the addition to the Reactoonz series was a gigantic success. Home to many iconic titles in the iGaming world, Play’n GO consistently shows their dedication to creating games to satisfy their fans. For those that want to play free online slots and try their hand at Gigantoonz, you can do so on Play’n GO’s site right now. You can demo online slots from their entire catalogue of games, including the entire Reactoonz series.

Which game themes are offered by Play’n GO?

Whether you're a lover of ancient mythologies from Egyptian to Norse, or you prefer to travel among the stars with Sci-Fi slots like Reactoonz, Play’n GO has something to suit everyone. While there are a huge number of great standalone titles in their catalogue of games, many have snowballed into thriving series, developing their own fan bases.

Not only do these series attract players based on their overall theme, with unique designs and narratives, but they boast their own special features that evolve with each new addition to the series. The Reactoonz series is one that has undergone many evolutions, with features changing and adapting to suit the changing desires of players, whilst maintaining the same style and overall feel that players have come to love over the years.

How long has Play’n GO and Reactoonz existed?

These evolutions are akin to the way in which Play’n GO themselves have changed and flourished since their humble beginnings back in 2005. Going from small Swedish start-up to global industry leader in just over a decade is a true tale of success. The biggest contributor to this success seems to have been making games to suit what players want.

Alongside this, Play’n GO has evolved to put sustainability front and centre of their considerations, too. A lack of predatory features in their games is something that’s apparent right off the bat. It’s clear that entertainment is their key focus and this shines through in each new title that’s released.

What is Gigantoonz?

In Gigantoonz, fans of the series will be familiar with the quirky and volatile aliens, the Reactoonz, populating the grid. But something isn’t right… The Reactoonz seem to be growing uncontrollably. After the release of the previous title, Dr. Toonz, players were given some insight into the origins of these aliens. Evolved by the guiding hand of this mad genius, the Reactoonz are not natural beings. And the years of experimentation has likely had some unexpected results.

Gigantoonz Technical Data

On the grid, players will notice a few differences compared to previous entries in the series. Firstly, it’s larger at 8x8 instead of 7x7. And secondly, while the famed Gargantoon slumbers to the side of the grid, there are a number of giant Reactoonz, or Gigantoonz as they’re aptly named, appearing at random on the grid.

What are the features of Gigantoonz?

These larger critters can be between 2x2 and a huge 7x7, nearly filling the entire grid! The Gigantoonz will also come with a random cluster value up to 13 when dropping in. While each Gigantoon does only count as one symbol when creating winning clusters, it will reward players based on the value.

Players must spin and create combinations of six or more symbols for a win. Winning symbols will be added to the Quantumeter, with Gigantoonz adding their entire cluster value. The more the Charge Meter is filled, the more features that players will unlock, allowing the slumbering Gargantoon to cause havoc on the grid. The Quantumeter has four stages, each one being unlocked with a different number of winning symbols.

These features include Disintegrations at 25 symbols, which removes all instances of four randomly selected symbols; Metamorphosis at 50 symbols where randomly selected symbols will be transformed into a different symbol including Mega symbols; and Radiation at 75 symbols that adds up to four Mega symbols and two to five Quantum Wilds randomly.

The final stage is the Gargantoonz stage. At 100 charges, the Reactoonz’ leader will awaken fully and transform all Gigantoonz into copies of himself. These will break apart into smaller symbols with each cascade, potentially leading to some huge chain reactions of wins.

A word from Play’n GO

When asked about the significance of the Gigantoonz release and the intention behind its creation, Games Ambassador at Play’n GO, Magnus Wallentin, said:

"The Reactoonz series is very precious to everyone here at Play’n GO. It’s become one of our most popular series. Keeping things fresh while still offering players a familiar setting is always our goal with each new release in a series. With each evolution of the Reactoonz saga, Play’n GO continues to adapt and evolve alongside it, learning from every title launch.
“With Gigantoonz, we wanted to switch things up a gear and offer something even bigger and better than before. And what better way to do that than by literally making everything bigger and better? But don’t worry, we’ve still got plenty of more tricks up our sleeves for future additions to the Reactoonz series, especially the upcoming Gargantoonz.”

With the obvious dedication from Play’n GO when it comes to delivering new and impressive additions to their library each week, it’s easy to see why titles like Reactoonz have become so popular among players. And with games like Gigantoonz pushing the boundaries even further, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future.




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