Where did it all start? Meet their creator. . .

Every story has a beginning…

They say it’s a fine line between genius and madness, and none were seen to walk that line as frequently as Dr Richard Toonz.

A highly respected member of the scientific community, Dr Toonz led the way in the field of alternative energy.

He worked tirelessly to find what he termed “the ultimate energy source”, a form of constant energy that could build, develop and transform almost like a living thing.

As he became more and more passionate about his goal, people began to say he was obsessed. He would spend weeks in his lab, fervently muttering to himself and spending all hours scribbling formulas and ideas on any spare surface he could find.

But, as he got closer to his goal, people couldn’t accept the danger that came with his innovation, and he was hounded from every lab he stepped into, forcing him to find a new way…

Forced to flee to continue his efforts, the good doctor escaped to the depths of the sea, where he set up his own state of the art lab to continue his work.

And that’s where it happened. Toonz discovered that this new form of energy wasn’t like a living thing; it was a living thing! Multiple different things, and each one provides its own unique energy signature.

Not only that, they can grow and link together, creating something far more powerful than he could ever have imagined. But this is only the beginning…

Discover the true story of the genius behind the Reactoonz; play Dr Toonz when it’s released on September 9th!



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