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Introducing FuseWays by Play'n GO

Spark of Genius (out tomorrow) is the revolutionary new grid slot featuring their electric mechanic, FuseWays.

Game background with text 'new mechanic, introducing FuseWays by Play'n GO'

Introduction to FuseWays 

But what are FuseWays? This new mechanic is all about completing closed circuits to create wins. In Spark of Genius, the circuits are represented by different paths which are charged with electricity as players spin.  

How do FuseWays work? 

OK, we need to tell you about ‘paths’ and ‘circuits’. 

Game showing FuseWays circuits and pathways

Each block has pipes for the energy to surge through, and three types of paths are differentiated by the number of entry and exits they have. There are either two, three or four paths that will land in the grid. The more paths that land, the better the chance of creating a full circuit. This leads us to what a circuit is. 

Creating a closed circuit is where the wins come in. Paths must connect to other paths to create a closed circuit for the energy to flow through. The larger the closed circuit is the bigger the prize.  

FuseWays sircuits charging the charge meter

And these are known as FuseWays


Spark of Genius Features  

Spark of Genius is an electric historical-themed 6x6 grid slot. Players can charge abilities and forge a pathway towards grid-based wins. From Rotating Symbols to Destructive Overloads and lucrative Empire Energy Spins, this slot is coiled to innovation.  


The theme of power and electricity plays throughout the game. Spins alternate between Maynard Woodrow and Tess Jačova to spark some friendly competition as they battle for dominance in the realm of reel energy.  

The Energy Charger  

At the top of the reels sits a charge metre which with every win creates the opportunity to unlock new features to play out on the grid. There are two flows of energy, ‘Resonate’ and ‘Manifest’. Each has a different threshold of charge which will unlock a key feature. 

Spark of Genius Energy Charge instructions

Tess vs Maynard Free Spins Feature 

Tess’ innovations start with ‘Gyrota’, where players can witness the strategic rotation of three to seven symbols, opening doors to an array of winning combinations. Tess’, ‘Dynamo’ empowers players with control over up to six special symbols capable of linking from all four sides, providing a competitive advantage in the cerebral battleground. 

Finally, there is Tess's Free Energy Spin. Brace for an unparalleled surge of momentum as each ability unfurls, culminating in an incremental Win Multiplier that amplifies with every consecutive victory. 

But that’s not all... There are Woodrow's ingenious inventions too! With his Relay ability, players can secure up to 15 wins as randomly chosen symbols vanish, clearing the path for new opportunities. 

Venture into chaos with Woodrow's ‘Overload’ experiment, where wins can skyrocket to 25. Witness a cascade of disruption as up to six special symbols systematically dismantle neighbouring symbols. 

Spark of Genius Resonant Energy instructions

And then there's the pièce de résistance: Empire Energy Spin. Seize the spotlight with Maynard's masterstroke, where a unique 2x2 connector sparks a journey to untold riches. With each successful connection, witness the Win Multiplier soar, potentially granting players up to 35 Free Spins. 

In this electrifying game, every move ignites excitement and promises electrified wins! Are you ready for Spark of Genius?




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