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Rich Wilde’s Chapters of Madness

They say that knowledge is power, and legendary explorer Rich Wilde understands this all too well. Discover the trials and tribulations of Rich Wilde and his search for some of the most arcane secrets hidden within these ancient tomes. 

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The Wilde series is packed with famous expeditions featuring Rich Wilde, his daughter Cat Wilde, and a recent addition to the crew, Uncle Gerard. But while their daring delves have turned up priceless relics from times long forgotten, there are some items that are beyond valuable, and perhaps far too dangerous to have been recovered by anyone else... But just who is the man behind these heists of history?


Introducing Rich Wilde  

 Fearless, determined, charismatic; there are many words used to describe Rich Wilde. This treasure hunter has sought out some of the world’s most elusive relics bringing them back from the brink of the void. His first forays into this lifestyle began way back in Aztec Idols (2013) and Pearls of India (2014).  

Over the years, Rich got himself into plenty of predicaments seeking other hidden wonders, from the lost city of Atlantis in Rich Wilde and the Shield of Athena (2020) to a city in the Andes surrounded by mountains of diamonds in Rich Wilde and the Wandering City (2021). But one quest truly solidified him as the best of the best...  


Book of Dead 

 The title that set the standard for the Wilde series is the iconic Rich Wilde and the Book of DeadThis 5x3 video slot featured timeless designs and animations with an ancient Egyptian tomb-theme and also brought with it a selection of popular features that has helped this title remain one of iGaming’s most popular of all time.  

Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead screenshot

Features in this game include the bonus Free Spins round which can lead to some big wins, as well as the Special Expanding Symbols which can help to create winning paylines where there might have not been any beforehand. For Rich Wilde, finding the Book of Dead may have been the cornerstone of his achievements, but it’s by no means the only arcane book he’s discovered, and it’s definitely not the most dangerous... 


Tome of Madness 

 The next book that Rich got word of was beyond ancient. It was said that it was in the clutches of the secretive Cult of Cthulhu. Using the infamous Tome of Madness, these misguided followers of evil sought to pave the way for Cthulhu to reach our plane of existence by any means necessary. But Rich Wilde had other plans for the tome.  

Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness screenshot

Rich sought to thwart the cult’s efforts, snatching their beloved book and saving the world in the process. Tome of Madness was the first 5x5 grid slot in the series, whereby players create winning clusters of symbols, inviting other symbols above to then cascade into place, potentially creating more wins. Features include the Portal, which can be charged to varying levels to unlock different effects on the grid including additional Wild Symbols; the Other World Free Round, and then the ultimate power of Cthulhu himself which can join the grid as a 2x2 Mega Wild.


Tome of Insanity 

Saving the world isn’t a commonplace occurrence for regular folks, but saving the world twice? Now those odds are stellar. After defeating the Cult of Cthulhu, Rich discovered that something far more powerful was waiting in the wings. Another book; a powerful Necronomicon was rumoured to exist, and it was in the possession of Cthulhu’s grandfather, the mighty Yog-Sothoth.

Rich Wilde and the Tome of Insanity

This being occupies all of time and space and is said to be the embodiment of pure evil. So, it’s safe to assume Rich Wilde has his work cut out for him now. In Rich Wilde and the Tome of Insanity, players must seek to help Rich escape Yog-Sothoth's shadowy servants and decrypt this ancient book to unleash powerful features. These features include the All-Seeing Eye, which can create Wilds, and the Damned Ritual whereby Rich can summon Yog-Sothoth himself, utilising the Eldritch god’s own powers against him as Rich draws closer to the edge of sanity... 

Rich Wilde and the Tome of Insanity Free Spin screenshot

What’s next for Rich Wilde?

 You might be wondering if going toe-to-tentacle with an all-seeing Outer God born of the Nameless Mist is too much to handle, even for Rich Wilde... but we can let you in on a little secret. 

Rich Wilde will return, as will his talented family. While he might have beaten back these evil entities for now, there’s plenty of other treasures that need to be discovered around the globe, and very few people talented enough to find them.




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