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Entertainment, fun and quality – that’s in our DNA

CEO Johan Törnqvist has reaffirmed Play’n GO’s commitment to the players of its games – even if that means losing revenue. He’s pledged that we will continue to eschew the trend for “bonus buy” games, which allow players to pay a flat fee to go directly to the bonus or free spins round in a slot game.

Törnqvist voiced concern about the safety of such games and has promised that Play’n GO will be steering well clear of the mechanism.

Speaking at Kindred Group’s online Sustainable Gambling Conference 2021, he said:

“We believe we absolutely have a duty of care for the players, and we think that all suppliers should share our view. You can see it in the types of games we create, and especially in the types of games, we don’t create.

We can make pretty much any game we like, with any feature or mechanic, but we choose to focus on entertainment, fun and quality – that’s in our DNA. As an example, you won’t see Play’n GO release a game where you can buy into a bonus round, for example.

We know we’re turning down revenue with that decision, and we know we’re fortunate to be in a position to make that decision, but as an industry, we should always take decisions that make sure the games we produce are good for the players, not too aggressive etc.”

Törnqvist’s comments provide an insight into how suppliers can contribute to driving responsible gambling, and raises questions about suppliers who create games that they know are unsafe.

While he notes that suppliers don’t have the 360 view of players that operators have, he says they can add value to responsible gaming by ensuring they focus on the entertainment value of games.

He added that he is in favour of age limits and other regulatory controls.

“In terms of all the regulations, we truly support that. I think that everything should be really well regulated so that we as suppliers can focus on entertainment.”

This article originally ran on Focus Gaming News




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