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Safer Gaming – How we keep gaming fun

We could make any game we like, but there is much more to consider during game development than the question will this game perform? Keeping our players entertained and safe is at the heart of everything we do. One of the ways to see that in action is in the types of games that we decide not to make.

Charlotte Miliziano, Head of Games

We focus on entertainment, fun, and player safety.

Life is full of choices. The choices involved when we design a Play’n GO game come naturally to us – as do the measures to keep players safe. Our aim is to entertain. It really is as simple as that. Our narratives, characters, artwork and audio play the biggest part in keeping consumers engaged.

Sure, rolling out a new feature or mechanic with every new title is a way to excite players in the short term. But to create games that players will enjoy beyond initial release comes down to games that players connect with.

We create games that players know and trust. We know that our players invest in more than just the surface of the game; they want to know the who, what, where, why and how. Strong narratives pave the way for consistent visuals and characters that players can rely on time and time again. Even though they’re experiencing something new, they know what to expect.

The features that we choose to include offset the game itself. Take Dynamic Payways, this series of varied and clever splitting features creates more active paylines which are great for creating pace in a game, complementing racing or even magical themes. But when we develop a title that includes Dynamic Payways, the game doesn’t compromise on strong narratives, quality, and fun that Play’n GO games are known so well for.

Equally, there are also some features prominent in many games around the industry at the moment that we won’t consider including in our titles because we don’t believe they are consistent with true entertainment, fun, and most importantly, player safety.

None of our games feature so called ‘Bonus Buys’, and none of our games ever will.

Why? We believe that Bonus Buys turn a fun and entertaining slot game experience into a more robust and overt gambling product that is no longer fun and entertaining for players over the long term. Bonus Buys have also already been prohibited in many regulated jurisdictions and we agree with those regulators’ decisions. We’d also encourage operators to consider whether offering bonus buy titles to their players is in the same spirit as their responsible gaming aspirations and statements.

Blitz games are another example of a game functionality we don’t support. The auto-play style of these games leaves no room for rich narratives and entertainment. The game simply runs through the motions exceptionally quickly at the click of a button revealing the result. There’s no gameplay here. As our focus is on entertainment this simply doesn’t fit.

There’s more to our games than meets the eye. The choices we make are reflected in every single one of our games. Our focus is on entertainment, originality and fun with our players’ enjoyment and safety at the forefront.




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