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The sights and sounds of diamonds

Play’n GO return to Camelot in their latest release, Diamonds of the Realm, but despite the beautiful Arthurian artwork and exciting gameplay, it’s the major advancement in sound that is ringing in everyone’s ears.

Charlotte Miliziano, Head of Games, Play’n GO

We take great pride in our games, and we’re not afraid to say so. We pour all our efforts into producing premium titles that all boast beautiful artwork and compelling gameplay that players all over the world continue to come back to play again and again.

Often truly exciting elements of new titles, such as breakthrough advancements in sound, don’t necessarily get the focus that they should, and Diamonds of the Realm falls firmly in that category.

Tying titles together in a series

We’re dedicated to becoming the best gaming supplier there is. And it’s not just individual game features that set our titles apart from the crowd. Rich narratives, memorable characters, strong visuals and the best sound in the industry are inherent to Play’n GO’s DNA.

Take our Dead Series for example. Since the smash-hit Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead, players already have an idea of what a Dead game should look like, sound like and how it will play. It’s a balance of innovating to keep players engaged, but familiarity and consistency are key in creating a reliable series of games that players seek out because they know what they are going to get.

This is evident in the popularity of our Arthurian series too, and we think Diamonds of the Realm is a fantastic new addition to that already strong lineup of titles.

Following on from the success of The Green Knight and The Sword and The Grail series, this sequel to the latter is equally, if not more exciting. Diamonds of the Realm brings even more to the (round) table; from the first spin, players will sense this is unlike anything they’ve heard before.

But we still have ensured that there’s a common audio theme weaved through all our Arthurian titles that players will recognise and appreciate.

The importance of sound

We know that many players play slots on mute while they listen to Spotify.

But we believe that’s largely because many titles on the market today place little to no importance on sound. What a pity.

Especially when you consider how important sound is to everything we do during a day, let alone during an immersive experience such as gameplay.

We have always placed a significant emphasis on the sound in our titles – we’re always in stereo and high fidelity too. We take this seriously and have a classically trained composer leading our audio team to prove it.

Our games must play well muted too – and trust me, they do – but we go above and beyond what’s expected to bring players more.

Diamonds of the Realm features some of our most ambitious music production to date, especially the music during free spins. It’s a bespoke piece of music featuring a relatively well-known solo vocalist singing lyrics penned by one of our very talented writers.

There’s also very complex programming going on under the hood to make it all playback seamlessly, which is no easy task, I can assure you.

The overall market demand for immersive and rich audio in slots just simply hasn’t been there across the board in years past, but I think we are already at the foothills of an exciting climb to where slot games draw ever closer to console game-like experiences and sound will play an ever more critical role in that journey.

Play’n GO titles have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to sound, and we’re not resting on our laurels; more dynamic and responsive sound that is reflective of what’s happening in the game helps players to truly enter and immerse themselves in the worlds that we are creating for them.

Sound sells. It’s as simple as that.

Charlotte Miliziano is Head of Games at Play’n GO.




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