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Arthurian Legend: Knights, Kings and Kingdoms

Merlin the magnificent, sword-fighting Knights of the Round Table, and courageous Kings are just a few reasons why we just can’t get enough of Arthurian Legend narratives in our games.


When it comes to Arthurian Legend there are a plethora of stories to delve into and no matter how many times these stories are told, retold and told again they continue to keep us on the edge of our seats.

Chivalrous sword-fighting knights, courageous kings and enchanted kingdoms, not to mention some of the greatest love stories ever told, you only have to head to the cinema to witness an epic of King Arthur or flick on the TV to see a series based on Merlin, one of the most famous wizards around (we see you Gandalf and Dumbledore, you're up there too).


One of the most famous kings in the world of fiction, King Arthur will always be known as the man worthy of pulling the sword from the stone and claiming the holy grail. And with The Sword and the Grail in hand, King Arthur is crowned to rule Camelot and protect the Diamonds of the Realm alongside his Queen, Guinevere. Maybe we'll save the epic love triangle between himself, Queen Guinevere and Sir Lancelot for another day.

Speaking of, Sir Lancelot has to be one of the most famous knights of the round table, right? Known for his chivalry, courage and elite sword-fighting skills. And when he wasn’t trying to woo the Queen you could find him in other kingdoms trying to win the hearts of other princesses, much like Princess Elaine in 15 Crystal Roses: A Tale of Love. Although according to legends this pair wasn't quite as loved up as they seem...

Love and magic play a huge part in our Arthurian Legend series, and when we think of magic we of course think, Merlin. When we picture Merlin, we see a bearded wizard with a brow furrowed with wisdom, but this wasn’t always the case. In his youth as a cocky young druid, Merlin wasn’t alone casting spells in his tower, oh no, he had quite the friendship with Vivian, better known as The Lady of the Lake. Although there may have been more than friendship between this mystical pair, their stories eventually take on different chapters.

But Vivian wasn’t the only woman in Merlin’s life, there was his apprentice, sister of the King, Morgana. Feisty and powerful, Morgana’s narrative takes a darker route as she succumbs to jealousy after witnessing the crowning of her brother King Arthur. A coldness seizes her, turning her heart to ice which even her former mentor and friend cannot thaw.

Like other works of fiction, Arthurian Legend isn’t shy of villains, Morgana is just one of them. But one of the most famous has to be The Green Knight, a perplexing character known for his green aesthetic and ghostly appearance. A piece of friendly advice? If he challenges you to a duel, turn the other way.


And where will you find this collection of colourful characters? The Kingdom of Camelot. Home to King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table and Merlin’s tower. Surrounded by an assortment of enchanted and sometimes just plain eerie forests that play home to legendary treasures and cursed ornaments that lie in wait to be uncovered by a brave knight or courageous king.

Hungry for more?

If you can't get enough of our Arthurian Legend series, there are plenty more sagas to delve into.




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