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SoundStage is a gamechanger

Play'n GO, Mega Don, online slots, game audio

Our latest release, Mega Don, is the first (but certainly not the last) game to feature audio implemented through our proprietary audio middleware, SoundStage.

So, what is audio middleware? It's a tool that is used to not only add music, sound effects, and voiceover to a game but also design when they play and how they behave according to what’s happening in the game.

While very powerful, off-the-shelf audio middleware is designed for console and PC gaming. Although there is some overlap, audio for online slots brings many unique challenges to the implementation process.

Enter, SoundStage.

“What began as a simple hackathon project has evolved into every online slot audio designer's dream.”

SoundStage represents a decade's wish list of every 'nice-to-have' online slot audio implementation feature that our audio team could think of.

The result? A powerful, intuitive, hyper-efficient tool that provides functionality specific to slot-based audio design.

It makes it easier and faster than ever for our audio team to do what they love: iterate, iterate, iterate! What once took hours or days now takes minutes.

“Critical response to the soundtrack has been overwhelmingly positive.”

The suspense of sound is key when it comes to designing slot audio.

Mega Don is the first game to take the plunge with SoundStage, and we’ve got to say it really gives the game some bite!

Just two notes can make the hairs on your arms stand on end and varying intensity means that something exciting, horrifying or breath-taking is just seconds away.

Tranquil waters soon become blood-stained as the pitch, tempo and volume heighten so we know the feature ‘Snack Time’ is about to commence. Mega Don players are in for something special.

“Play'n GO's Tools Team has delivered something great.”

Nostalgia can be seen in many forms of entertainment like books, games and film.

We like anything that triggers fond memories or that we recognise, as we know what we’re about to experience.

For example, a highly atmospheric soundtrack is locked in that part of our brain that harbours all things nostalgic; a couple of notes can transport you all the way back to hiding behind a cushion as a monster circles the sea – you know the one we mean.

“Mega Don's well-received soundtrack is a vindication of the time, effort, and resources dedicated to building the tool and proving it in the field.”

We believe our players invest in more than just the surface of the game. This deep-dive approach to detail is what makes our games stand out in the industry as hitting all the right notes.

Why not listen for yourself...

Dive into the waters of Mega Don here, if you dare.




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