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Reactoonz 2 Review – The Stellar Sequel to Supercharge the Play’n GO Series

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What type of games does Play’n GO offer?

Play’n GO is home to a number of impressive series across many different themes. From the iconic mythologies of the Norse, Egyptians, and Greeks to swashbuckling sea slots and trailblazing treasure hunters, there really is something to suit all taste buds. For players on the hunt to play free online slots such as Reactoonz 2 and other entries in the series, Play’n GO offers the chance for players to demo online slots on their site.

Where did Play’n GO start?

The dedication to creating unique and engaging experiences that has made Play’n GO what it is today. Founded in 2005, the Swedish slot creator has released countless iconic titles over the years, with each successful launch helping to send the company from a humble start-up to the spectacular industry leader it is today.

While Play’n GO has created a slew of great standalone titles, a number have been granted the sequel treatment, which often leads to those standalone games becoming sprawling series. One in particular that has now become one of Play’n GO’s most popular series is Reactoonz. After Reactoonz was launched following the first entry in the series, Energoonz, it wasn’t long before Play’n GO realised they were onto a winner. A few years later, in 2020, the sequel to this iconic title was released.

What is Reactoonz 2?

Reactoonz 2 features the same mischievous alien entities that players came to love, set before the astral void of space. It would be another year before players learned the intriguing origins of how the Reactoonz came to be, which was at the hands of the genius Dr. Toonz. For now, the narrative focused solely on the Reactoonz and their work to generate enough power for their Gargantoon overlord.

Reactoonz 2 Technical Data

In Reactoonz 2, each winning combination of symbols helps to charge this colossal Reactoon variant, similar to the previous title. Yet, alongside the familiar Quantumeter that replaces the Quantum Leap charge meter of the first game, the Reactoonz have been busy creating another handy device. The Fluctometer sits above the Quantumeter, increasing the number of exciting features that can occur on the 7x7 grid.

What are the Reactoonz 2 Features?

The Fluctometer will display a random one-eyed symbol that changes with each spin. All corresponding symbols on the grid will fluctuate for that round. Should any of these fluctuating symbols be part of a winning combination on that spin, one space where a symbol was removed will be replaced with an Electric Wild, potentially leading to more combinations and cascades. Each winning fluctuating symbol also charges the Fluctometer, up to a maximum charge of 11. Should it be maxed out, it’ll then choose a random number between one and three and add that number of Electric Wilds somewhere on the grid.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Every winning non-wild symbol that is removed by an Electric Wild will go towards charging the Quantumeter. This has four charge levels with each milestone unlocking a different exciting bonus on the grid. The first stage at 55 symbols unleashes four of the rare Energoonz on the grid. These predecessors to the Reactoonz may be old, but they possess a lot of power still. At the second stage, a single 2x2 Reactoon will join the grid, and at the third stage it’s time for the big-guy himself to get involved.

A whopping 110 charges will unleash the 3x3 Gargantoon Wild onto the grid, which breaks apart into two 2x2’s and then nine 1x1 Wild symbols with each cascade they trigger. Should you manage to secure the fourth stage at 135 charges, the Gargantoon is released as a x2 multiplier, increasing the chances of some big wins occurring.

What is the Reactoonz 2 design like?

The aesthetics of Reactoonz 2 are in keeping with previous entries in the series. The vibrant, eye-catching symbols of the Reactoonz themselves along with the sci-fi background is very engaging, drawing players into the world of these quirky interstellar travellers. The audio is also bolstered with the help of an immersive soundtrack that increases in intensity should players start earning some big wins.

A Word from Play’n GO

The Head of Game Retention at Play’n GO, George Olekszy had this to say about the sequel: “Reactoonz 2 was a brilliant addition to the series, and really made clear our intentions to turn this into a continuous series of games. With the upcoming Gargantoonz title, it’s safe to say that we’re not slowing down on creating more titles in the Reactoonz universe, and the evolution of the aliens in the game is a perfect comparison both of the evolution of the series itself, and the evolution of Play’n GO, too.

“Our ability to read the market and adapt to ensure we are always creating innovative experiences for players is something that helps to solidify us as industry leaders. Ultimately, we want to create games that players enjoy. That seems like it should be an obvious goal for a company that creates games, but there are many instances where games are created elsewhere in this industry as simple cash grabs. But we understand that it’s our games and the enjoyment that players get from them that’s made us who we are today. We are game.”

What’s next for the Reactoonz series?

With the upcoming release of Gargantoonz, players can play free online slots and try out the other entries in the series directly at Play’n GO. In the meantime, take a look at the worthwhile sequel entry, Reactoonz 2, in this electrifying foray across the stars. The seamless combination of enthralling gameplay and stunning visuals makes it a must-play for both newcomers and veterans of the series.

As Play’n GO continues to push the envelope and set new industry standards, Reactoonz 2 stands as a shining testament to their commitment to delivering unparalleled gaming experiences. Whether you’re charging the Quantumeter or testing the limits of the Fluctometer, one thing’s for certain: with Play’n GO at the helm, the universe of iGaming is in for a thrilling ride.




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