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 Play’n GO’s Free Reelin’ Joker 1000 is the winning card of the deck

Free Reelin' Joker 1000 poster

25 May 2023—The Free Reelin’ Joker takes centre stage once again in Play’n GO’s new expanding online slot, Free Reelin’ Joker 1000.

Adding on to their highly successful Joker series, Play’n GO offers this brand new and unique online slot which provides players with straightforward yet enjoyable gameplay, allowing players of all experience levels to jump in and have some fun.

Play’n GO’s Joker games form an incredibly popular series which is loved by players across the globe, from Scandinavia to the USA, and Free Reelin’ Joker 1000 aims to expand that playerbase even further afield with this exciting new expanding video slot!

Replacing the fruit symbols that players will remember from the previous Free Reelin’ Joker video slot, Free Reelin’ Joker 1000 is a 3x1 slot that uses numbers on the reels which are relative to the win amount, keeping things simple and easy to follow. Players will also find a couple of other features that will add to the excitement of the game. Should a Joker land on the reels, the reels will expand by one and the first reel will always be a 1. The following reels can be either blank, 0, or a 1, giving players a higher chance hitting a substantial prize. If players land three zeros on a spin, this will give them a free re-spin, too.

Play’n GO is committed to providing players with enjoyable gaming experiences. By adding more games like Free Reelin’ Joker 1000 to their catalogue of games, they can appeal to newer players that are still finding the ropes, while simultaneously appealing to long-term fans of each popular series, maintaining their passion for these great games.

Fans of Play’n GO’s Joker series, such as Ice Joker, Fire Joker, and Chronos Joker, will enjoy Free Reelin’ Joker 1000 as is to be expected from a game in this series.

Head of Game Retention at Play’n GO, George Olekszy said:

“We love producing games that can appeal to many different types of players. Whether you’re someone that likes complexity in their games with plenty of twists and turns, or you simply want to relax and experience some simple yet entertaining gameplay, we’ve got a title for you.
Free Reelin’ Joker 1000 is our latest addition to the ever-popular Joker series, and we couldn’t be more excited for players to try it out. The expanding reel feature when the Joker lands can really ramp up the excitement for players as they watch each number drop, slowly teasing the value of their win. We’re not joking when we say that this is sure to be yet another popular game in this fantastic series.”




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