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Game Review: Rise of Olympus Origins 

Prepare yourself to walk the forbidden heights of Olympus among the Greek Gods. Seek their favour and discover where it all began in Rise of Olympus Origins, and you may return with a godly haul of treasure... 

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It is rare for a mortal to come face-to-face with the Gods of Olympus. These awe-inspiring deities each boast their own unique powers and control over certain aspects of reality. Yet, with all their splendour, they are a fickle bunch, filled with wrath and jealousy. Play’n GO invites players to stand in the presence of the gods in this addition to the Rise of Olympus series, one of iGaming’s most iconic Greek Mythology-themed slots.

The series sits alongside other greats from Play’n GO including the Reactoonz series as well as the Wilde series which features tales from the legendary treasure-hunting Wilde family as they seek ancient treasures of the past in games such as Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead. So, what’s new with the latest instalment of the Rise of Olympus series? Prepare to scale the legendary mountain to reach the home of the gods as we delve into their latest slot. 


How to play Rise of Olympus Origins 

Rise of Olympus Origins promises to expand upon the lore behind the beloved Rise of Olympus series, delving into where it all started for the three sons of Cronus; Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus. The game is played on a 5x5 grid where players will hit spin to trigger a new cascade of symbols in an attempt to form winning clusters. Every winning cluster will disappear from the grid, causing more symbols to cascade into place. Each spin has the chance of unleashing special bonus features on the grid, which in turn can lead to even more wins and other bonus features, too. 


Rise of Olympus Origins Features 

When spinning the grid during the base game, each winning cluster that is created with lower-paying symbols will be targeted by the gods themselves. Using their powers, they’ll create Wild Symbols from the ashes which then have a chance of creating even more winning clusters once new symbols cascade into place.

This can lead to some big winning combos across the grid. Alongside this Wild Creation feature, players can also witness the true Power of the Gods feature. Should three or more symbols depicting Zeus, Poseidon, or Hades align, there is a chance that their respective powers will be unleashed on the grid, with more symbols increasing the chance of the feature triggering. 

When triggered, Zeus will use his almighty powers of destruction to zap two sets of symbols from the grid entirely, resulting in a massive cascade, paving the way for more winning clusters. Poseidon, should his powers be triggered, will unleash the unstoppable power of the sea, washing up a number of Wild Symbols onto the grid. And lastly, Hades, God of the Underworld, will transform all instances of one symbol into the next highest paying symbol, which could potentially create some big wins where there was none before.  

Rise of Olympus Origins screenshot

The Power of the Gods feature can also be enhanced with the Power Indicator if it is charged with winning Relic Symbols. Should a corresponding icon on the Power Indicator be charged alongside that god’s power being activated, a stronger version of their power will be unleashed. 

Every win that involves a mixture of symbols featuring the gods will add the number of winning symbols to the game’s charge meter, resetting once all wins have stopped for that round. If enough winning combos occur in a round to fill the meter, the Wrath of Olympus will be unleashed with each god’s special feature triggering in order.  

And, if that wasn’t enough already, players can also unlock the coveted Free Spins feature should they manage to clear the entire grid of symbols, not counting Wilds. Once the grid is clear during the base game or the Wrath of Olympus Re-Spin, 10 Free Spins will be bestowed by the gods. They’ll also use their powers during this round, plus, if the grid is cleared again during the Free Spins, players will win an Instant Prize in the form of a random Bet Multiplier. This can happen up to three times throughout the round, with the largest multiplier coming from Zeus himself which can reach up to x10000! 

Rise of Olympus Origins screenshot mobile

Where to play Rise of Olympus Origins 

Rise of Olympus Origins is releasing on 25th July 2024. The game will be available on several reliable platforms. These operators regularly offer exciting promotional deals that can enhance the gaming experience for players. And, for those that want to try the game out before they play for real, they can also visit Play’n GO to demo slots for free. This allows fans to try out game features and mechanics and get a feel for them before diving in. 

Visuals of Rise of Olympus Origins 

In Rise of Olympus Origins, the designs and artwork are in keeping with other titles in the series. With depictions of the gods themselves gracing both the symbols on the grid and appearing at the side when bestowing their powers, players will feel immersed in the games of the gods. The background features the majestic heights of Mount Olympus, with clouds and lightning adding to the divine atmosphere. Each god is intricately designed, showcasing their iconic attributes and powers. The symbols on the grid include beautifully crafted images of the gods, mythological creatures, and ancient Greek artefacts, all contributing to the game’s rich thematic experience.  

Final Verdict 

Rise of Olympus Origins is a godlike addition to Play’n GO’s impressive portfolio of mythological slots. With all of its engaging gameplay mechanics, visually stunning design, and the wealth of bonus features, it offers players an immersive and rewarding experience. The potential for significant wins, especially through the Wrath of Olympus and Free Spins features, really ramps up the excitement.  

Whether you’re a fan of Greek mythology or simply enjoy high-quality slot games, Rise of Olympus Origins is sure to be a front runner to add to your favourites. You can try out Play’n GO’s full catalogue of titles, including the rest of the Rise of Olympus series, below.





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