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Top Mythology Slots to Play in 2024 

Play’n GO is home to a wealth of iconic titles beloved by fans, and these span across a variety of different themes. One overarching theme, however, is that of mythology. With the upcoming release of Chambers of Ancients, we’re taking a look at the top mythological titles to play in 2024 in the vast Play’n GO library. 

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When it comes to myth and legend, Play’n GO’s collection of slot games is the place to look. Whether you’re a fan of ancient Gods and Egyptian Pharaohs or love the warrior ways of the Norse, there are plenty of exciting titles to choose at Play’n GO, from ancient Greek slots to Viking slots. Here’s a look at some of our best Mythology-themed slots starting with a new release that ties many of these myths together.

Chambers of Ancients (Coming Soon)

In this new title from Play’n GO, players will set out to prove themselves worthy to the gods of multiple pantheons. These deities locked their immense treasures away at the dawn of mankind, vowing to keep these riches out of the hands of mortals. Until, at least, one such mortal might prove themselves worthy of entering... 

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Chambers of Ancients brings together gods from multiple mythologies, including Norse Mythology and Ancient Egypt. The gods Thor, Eset, Caishen, Ganesha, and Athena, each hold one of the five keys to their enchanted vault. Players can spin the reels and seek these keys to grant them entry. Should players land three of one god’s key, their specific vault will be unlocked for a bonus coin collection round. There’s also a chance for every Wild symbol to bring a Master Key with it, and should three Master Keys land, each Chamber will be opened one after the other for some big potential wins.  

Rise of Olympus

The stories of Ancient Greece continue to enthral humanity today. With their immaculate beauty and mysterious ways, as well as their rather human temperaments, the tales of the Greek gods often raise eyebrows. One of our most popular of Ancient Greek slots is the iconic Rise of Olympus. This slot focuses on the early days of Zeus and his brothers’ rise to power in the realm of the gods, after the defeat of their tyrannical father, Cronus. 

Rise of Olympus screenshot

Players can enjoy some electrifying features bestowed by the god of the skies himself, in the form of the Hand of God and Wrath of God features. As well as this, there is also the ever-coveted Free Spins round that comes with an extra “clear the grid” bonus, rewarding a stunning x100 bet multiplier. 

Divine Showdown

Chambers of Ancients isn’t the first time the gods have been brought together, but before this, there was a time where the gods weren’t so friendly towards one another. In Divine Showdown, Thor, Athena, Anubis and Sun Wukong go head-to-head in a divine clash of titans.  

Divine Showdown screenshot

On any spins the Multiplier Reel in the game can activate, instantly awarding players a multiplier of up to x10. One of the Gods can also appear and power up the spin with their own special feature. Sun Wukong adds Wild Reels to the grid, Anubis turns one or two types of symbols into Wilds, Athena synchronises three of the game’s reels, and Thor upgrades all the God symbols to himself (because why wouldn’t he?). The Multiplier Reel can also be active during these features, too, which can lead to some big wins! 

Viking Runecraft

Here, we’ll venture into the cold, harsh realms of Norse mythology with the popular Viking Runecraft. This game combines the thrill of slot action with the depth of gritty Norse legends, featuring gods like Odin, Thor, Freya, and Heimdall. As players spin the reels, they’ll ascend through varying ranks as they try to appease the gods, earning their respect and unlocking their specific bonuses.  

Viking Runecraft screenshot

The Charge of Destruction and Ragnarök features offer a chance to win big, with the enemies of Asgard unleashing their cataclysmic powers across the grid, promising combat worthy of the gods themselves. Viking Runecraft encapsulates the epic scale and bravery of Viking warriors as they seek to test themselves in the battle to end all battles and is easily one of the greatest Viking slots in the industry. 

The Sword and the Grail 

Stepping away from the chill of the north, we take a walk through the world of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table with The Sword and the Grail. This slot of Arthurian Legend captures the quest for the Holy Grail, offering players a chance to experience the magic and mystery of this wondrous time in English mythology.  

The Sword and the Grail screenshot

Players will have the chance to demonstrate their own worth, proving that they deserve to lead these honourable knights of virtue and earning the right to wield the mythical sword, Excalibur. Landing three Excalibur Scatter symbols will award the player with five Free Spins. There are four stages here, and each one will give you more spins and Wild multipliers in each stage. With multipliers up to 100x in this Free Spins feature, the game promises not only adventure but also the potential for some truly legendary rewards. 


Want to discover more Mythology Slots?

If you can’t get enough of the mythological worlds that Play’n GO explores, then take a look at the wide range of demo slots available to try today. There’s something to satisfy every fan of myths and legends, so prepare yourself to delve into these worlds of wonder... 




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