15 Crystal Roses, the story behind the game

Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then we'll begin...

Before the reign of King Arthur or even Merlin’s early days as a mischievous druid, there was the legend of the 15 Crystal Roses that lay deep in the enchanted forest.

After slaying the fearsome dragon that terrorised the land of King Pelles, Sir Lancelot seemed like the perfect match for the King’s daughter, Princess Elaine. But for the princess, she wanted more than the head of a dragon as a demonstration of devotion. She needed a testament of love, the 15 Crystal Roses.

With just a map and his noble steed, Sir Lancelot made his way to retrieve the Crystal Roses. He travelled near and far until he finally ventured upon the enchanted forest that for centuries has kept the roses safe from the outside world. The journey through the woods was full of peril, but the knight’s spirit could not be broken. With every rose he collected, his love for the princess blossomed until

finally, his quest came to an end – the final rose was his.

Returning to his love he triumphantly presented Princess Elaine with the 15 Crystal Roses. Having proved his love, dedication and loyalty to her, she accepted his proposal of marriage.

No matter the perils of an enchanted forest bring or the fiery breath of a vengeful dragon could get in the way. And with that, this legend of love reaches its conclusion. Princess Elaine and Sir Lancelot married and lived happily ever after...

The End

… Or is it?



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