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Valentine’s Day slots to make you swoon

Looking for love? Check out our top Valentine's Day slots for the most romantic day of the year.

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Valentine’s Day is here and what better way to show the love than to take a look at some of our favourite love-themed games and Valentine's Day slots? Whether you're simply a sucker for rom-coms or go giddy for grand gestures, our tales of romance are sure to reel you in!

Today, we're taking a look at a huge selection of pulse-quickening picks including sentimental sagas from ages gone by, tenacious tales of incredible power couples, and platonic partnerships.

Let’s GO!

The Books of Love: A Library of Valentine's Day Slots

In our catalogue of romance-themed games, you'll find some of the greatest love stories ever told, from the heroic and often romantic Arthurian Legends to a most comical tale from the forgotten annals of Norse mythology. So, take a look below at our collection and prepare to swoon over these tantalising titles.

15 Crystal Roses logo

15 Crystal Roses: A Tale of Love

To prove his love for Princess Elaine, the gallant Knight of the Round Table, Sir Lancelot, travels to the Enchanted Forest to collect the 15 Crystal Roses and present them to Princess Elaine as a token of his devotion. Will he succeed on his quest?

Tales of Asgard Freya's Wedding logo

Tales of Asgard: Freya’s Wedding

In a ploy to win Freya’s hand in marriage, Thrym steals Thor's legendary hammer as leverage. But Loki, Thor and Freya aren't too happy with being blackmailed. See what this trio of gods have in store for Thrym in Tales of Asgard: Freya’s Wedding.

Love Joker logo

Love Joker

There’s a new Joker in town and they’re here to spread the love. With romance in every symbol, sound and spin, the Love Joker is the epitome of all-things Valentine’s. So, take a look at what this romantic reveller has up his sleeve this Valentine's Day.

Play'n GO Power Couples

If you're a fan of absolute power couples then look no further than the Valentine's Day slots below. The folks in these romance-themed games are the kings and queens of hearts and are sure to enrapture you with their indestructible bonds. From long lost lovers to happily married couples, you’ll find them all here.

Lord Merlin and the Lady of the Lake logo

Lord Merlin and the Lady of the Lake

Before Merlin was the all-powerful and wisest wizard known to man, he was an avid adventurer, but he never travelled alone. In Merlin and the Lady of the Lake we meet Vivian, his childhood sweetheart.

Hugo Carts logo

Hugo and Hugolina

The cutest couple in town, Hugo and his lovely wife Hugolina aren’t your typical married couple. Adventure is at the heart of everything they do. See how they work together in Hugo Carts.

Diamonds of the Realm logo

King Arthur and Queen Guinevere

The lore of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere is as renowned as that of Robin Hood and Maid Marion. Diamonds of the Realm boasts a beautiful balance of romance and sword-fighting that has forever stood the test of time – what's not to love?

What about Palentine's and Galentine's Day?

What started off as a day dedicated to couples, this is no longer set in stone. This traditionally romantic day has undergone a shift over the years and celebrating with your nearest and dearest is not exclusive to romantic partners anymore. Palentine’s and Galentine’s are here for the friends that have each other’s back through thick and thin – much like these guys below. After all, platonic love can be just as powerful as the romantic kind, so why can't these titles be Valentine's Day slots, too?

Muerto en Mictlán logo

Catrin and Catrina

Your guides to the afterlife, this dynamic duo is the epitome of friendship that lasts forever (literally). Follow their story in one of our most beautiful games, Muerto en Mictlán.

Charlie Chance and the Curse of Cleopatra logo

Charlie Chance and Cleopatra

Charlie Chance and Cleopatra have a love-hate kind of deal going on, but where would one be without the other? See how their ‘friendship’ unfolds in Charlie Chance and the Curse of Cleopatra.

The Last Sundown logo

Rae and Devin

Sibling rivalries seem to be more of a common theme, but this brother-sister duo is as thick as thieves and are willing to go to the end of the world for each other in The Last Sundown.

And there you have it, our round-up of some of the best Valentine’s Day slots around. We know romance can be a terrifying prospect but sometimes you've just got to take a leap of faith. And what better way to do that than with Play'n GO's love-themed games? So, jump on into these iconic love stories and let your heart fill to bursting with love!




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