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Stand strong against the hordes of Xerxes!


The Persian Army led by King Xerxes I is on the warpath. Sweeping across the lands of Greece, none can stand up to the sheer might of their army, hundreds of thousands strong. But they haven’t met the Spartans yet...  


As a show of defiance, King Leonidas has led 300 of his bravest soldiers to hold the pass of Thermopylae, showing the whole of Greece that Xerxes can be opposed. Will you take up spear and shield and stand alongside one of history’s greatest heroes?


In Undefeated Xerxes you’ll spin the 5x4 reels to create winning combinations of symbols across the game’s 30 paylines. As your soldiers fight valiantly against the immense Persian army, you’ll notice many impressive feats of heroism across the battlefield, with heroes being forged in the fires of battle. During the base game, you can earn a number of powerful bonus features as the Persian army is pushed back by the 300 Spartans and King Leonidas himself.  


Can you help these valiant warriors delay Xerxes and show that he can be defeated? 


Wild Frames 

When spinning the reels in Undefeated Xerxes, there is a possibility for 3-5 Wild Frames to appear on the battlefield at random, before the reels stop. This makes any symbol that lands in the frame function as a Wild symbol, leading to more win opportunities.  


Wild Frames also have a chance of getting upgraded, blazing with the green fires of the underworld. These Upgraded Frames will be filled with Wild Multipliers! 


Guaranteed Scatters 

During the base game, two Scatter symbols have a chance of a guaranteed landing on the first two reels. Should this feature trigger, you’ll have a much higher chance of securing the coveted Free Spins round, for a last stand against Xerxes and his fearsome elite soldiers, the Immortals.  


Free Spins 

Should three Scatter Symbols land on the reels, you’ll be awarded with 10 Free Spins, and the special bonus round will activate. After each spin, a Wild Frame will appear on any position with a Wild Symbol. That Frame will then be locked in place for the duration of the Free Spins. Should a Wild symbol land in the Wild Frame, it will be upgraded. 


The Tenth Free Spin 

For the last spin of the Free Spins round, Leonidas I and his men will launch a final assault on Xerxes’ forces. Before the reels stop spinning, every symbol position with a Frame will transform into Wilds, with each Upgraded Frame being given a multiplier that increases by one with each subsequent Wild that lands on that space. Should a Hero Symbol land during this round, it will bring with it a huge x25 multiplier as they demonstrate their courage in this battle of the ages. 


Will you brave the onslaught of Xerxes as Persian arrows block out the sun? Then raise your shield and prepare to fight in the shade... 


Undefeated Xerxes is filled with Spartan-inspired designs from swords and helmets to fearsome Spartan warriors. You’ll also see each standard symbol set on top of a Spartan shield. You might also catch a glimpse of Xerxes himself featuring as the game’s bonus symbol, as he leads his Persian soldiers. 


So, prepare for battle. The freedom of Greece lies in your hands...



Release Date

22 Feb 2024

Game Type

Video Slot


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