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Sparks will fly!


At the start of the 20th century, a flurry of technological advancement dawns... 


Maynard Woodrow, the formidable industry titan, commands Manifest Energy – dominating the market with an iron grip. However, the tides of innovation are stirred by the brilliance of young inventor Tess Jačova, who unveils her revolutionary energy source: Resonant Energy.  


As these two geniuses clash in a high stakes struggle for power, the fate of the grid and their lucrative prizes are at stake. Who wins? You decide!


Explore a circuit board full of features... 


Abilities Charge 

As the block drop, strive to accumulate wins. If players gather 15 or 25 winning symbols, they can unlock the scientific schematics of Tess or Maynard. These abilities are key to unlocking greater potential and accessing the coveted bonus round. 


Tess Jačova's Innovations 

With Gyrota, players can watch as three to seven symbols rotate strategically, paving the way for more winning combinations. That's just the beginning. Tess's Dynamo will put players in control of up to six special symbols that can connect from all four sides, giving gamers a serious edge in the battle of the minds. 


But the real excitement begins with Tess's Free Energy Spin. Her power-packed feature promises a surge of momentum like no other, as the abilities unfold one by one, culminating in an incremental Win Multiplier that grows with each successive victory. 


Maynard Woodrow’s Innovations 

Woodrow's got something up his sleeve. With his Relay ability, players can net up to 15 Wins. Unleash chaos upon the grid as randomly selected symbols are obliterated, clearing the path for new opportunities. 


With his Overload experiment, wins can balloon to 25. The Overload ability triggers a cascade of disruption, introducing up to six special symbols that systematically dismantle surrounding symbols. 


Finally, there's Empire Energy Spin, the standout invention up Woodrow's sleeve. Command the centre stage with Maynard's Empire Energy Spin, where a special 2x2 connector ignites a pathway to riches. With each successful connection, watch the Win Multiplier surges, potentially securing players up to 35 Free Spins. 


In this game, sparks fly and wins are electrified!



Spark of Genius boasts captivating visual design – transporting players to an era of mechanical marvels and scientific breakthroughs. With meticulous attention to detail and voltage-charged symbols, players can witness the electric personalities of Woodrow and Jačova brought to life atop a backdrop of industrial grandeur.



Release Date

16 May 2024

Game Type

Grid Slot


Release Date

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