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Are you worthy to enter the vault?


At the dawn of man, the gods agreed to guard their collective wealth, hiding it away in an enchanted vault. While it was designed to keep their treasures out of the hands of the unworthy, it is said that those deserving might one day find their way inside. In Chambers of Ancients, it’s your task to find the keys of the gods to unlock their vault and claim the riches within.


In Chambers of Ancients, you’ll spin the 5x3 to secure wins across the game’s 10 paylines, all the while seeking to gain access to the ancient vault of the gods. They aren’t planning to give up their keys easily, however. During the base game, you’ll seek to harness a selection of bountiful bonus features, each boasting a different way to increase your chances of big wins. 


Will you rise to the challenge and prove your worth? 


Free Spins 

If you land three or more Scatter Symbols on the reels during the base game, you’ll unlock the Free Spins round. You’ll be awarded with up to 12 spins depending on the number of Scatters you land. The Hold and Spin Bonus Games can also be triggered during Free Spins, with an increased chance of Keys appearing. 


Chambers and Keys 

As the reels spin, you’ll notice that each High-Paying symbol is connected to one of the vaults Chambers, as well as the key that unlocks it. These symbols will also come with a bonus value, too. Wild Symbols also have a chance of bringing with them a special Master Key that can unlock all Chambers at once... 


Expanding Wilds 

When landing on the reels, any Wild symbols will fully expand, increasing the odds of winning combinations occurring. When these Wild Symbols expand this will not affect the key in any way, and the Hold and Spin Bonus Games can still be triggered. 


Hold and Spin Bonus Games 

If you land three of the same Key, you’ll unlock one of the Chambers, activating the relevant Hold and Spin Bonus Game. Each of the Chambers reveals 3x3 bonus reels with onchamberly blanks spaces and coins that can land. Three spins are given with the number of spins resetting with each new coin that lands on the 3x3 reels.  


Every coin has a different value or special bonus feature, including Collectors, Multipliers, Value Raisers, and Mystery Symbols. If all the spots are filled the whole grid is cleared, the values are awarded, and a fresh start is triggered. 


If three Master Keys trigger the Hold and Spin Bonus Games, every single Chamber will be unlocked in order of value, potentially resulting in some staggering wins! 


So, what say you? Are you brave enough to challenge the gods and claim their riches for yourself? 



The designs in Chambers of Ancients are inspired by a mixture of mythologies from across history. You’ll notice designs and symbols from Ancient Greek, Norse, and Egyptian mythologies, making this an ideal game for fans of any of these iconic themes. Gods such as Thor and Athena grace the Chambers of Ancients, showcasing their divine presence across the reels. 



Release Date

14 Mar 2024

Game Type

Video Slot


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