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Wilde at Heart: Delving into the Adventurous World of the Wilde Family

The Play’n GO household is home to some iconic characters across our extensive catalogue of online slots, but there are few with as much status as the famous Wilde family.

Gerard Wilde, Rich Wilde and Cat Wilde characters together

These intrepid explorers and treasure hunters have relinquished treasures from the clutches of time, bringing them into the care of respected museums and collectors. Acquiring these artefacts is rarely an easy feat, and many that have ventured into the tombs and mausoleums to search for them have not returned. But society has come to know that, should a Wilde be on the case, then treasure will almost certainly be found.

But who exactly is the Wilde family? And what makes them all so good at what they do? Read on to find out more about the exciting Wilde Collection at Play’n GO.

Who are the Wilde family?

Dedicated to preserving civilisations' lost treasures, the Wildes have established themselves as one of the world’s most revered families. Rich Wilde and his daughter Cat Wilde, have recovered many priceless artefacts and treasures during their adventures across the Book of Dead series and their myriad of other expeditions. But very few of these adventures have been simple.

After all, these treasures have been lost to the world for a reason. Gleaming jewels, cursed idols, and even artefacts of the gods themselves have been hidden all across the world. To prevent the average person from happening upon them, these items have been locked away behind perplexing puzzles and terrifying traps. Many have attempted to reach these items before, but it rarely goes according to plan, and not all return. But it is with sheer cunning, bravery, intellect, and dexterity that the Wilde family succeed where others fail. And it all started with one man: Rich Wilde.

Rich Wilde

Rich Wilde symbol
Rich Wilde from Book of Dead

The dashing and courageous Rich Wilde is the OG explorer at Play’n GO, and the man that began the legacy of the Wilde family in Book of Dead. He has led many players of these thrilling online slots on exciting expeditions to the far corners of the Earth. Continuously in search of lost relics, starting with his first few adventures in Aztec Idols and Pearls of India, this fearless explorer has developed a phenomenal reputation for himself and his family name.

Rich Wilde has ventured from the deserts of Africa to the jungles of Central America seeking these valuable items. Dodging deadly traps and liberating these items from their ancient resting places, Rich has curated an incredible collection of items that many believed were lost forever. He’s also tangled with cultists of the eldritch deity, Cthulhu himself in Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness. It’s safe to say that there are very few quests, if any, that the rugged Rich Wilde won’t accept...

Cat Wilde

Cat Wilde symbol
Cat Wilde from Cat Wilde and the Pyramids of Dead

Determined to continue the Wilde Legacy, Cat Wilde has adopted many of her father’s traits, while bringing a few of her own to the table. Learning everything her father could teach her about the world, Cat eventually accompanied Rich on one of his most noteworthy adventures.

Rich Wilde and the Shield of Athena saw these two talented treasure hunters discovering the lost city of Atlantis and retrieving the Goddess of Wisdom’s fabled shield. Following this exciting expedition, this Cat landed on all four feet and took off on her first solo adventure in Cat Wilde and the Doom of Dead.

Gerard Wilde

Gerard Gambit symbol
Gerard Wilde from Gerard's Gambit

No family is perfect, and the Wilde family is no exception. The latest member to be in the public eye is a real Wilde card, and now he’s set off on his own grand adventure in Gerard’s Gambit. The rough and ready Gerard Wilde has made plenty of mistakes in the past – in fact, trouble seems to follow him wherever he goes.

However, while this black sheep of the family might have gotten into trouble on many occasions, the Wilde blood still courses through his veins. Using his strength, guile, and bravery, Gerard is a natural when it comes to finding the relics of bygone eras, and now he intends to put those skills to good use.

What’s Next?

While Rich and Cat Wilde continue to research new potential leads on hidden treasures, it’s now Gerard Wilde who takes the spotlight. Yet again, Gerard has gotten himself into trouble. Now, in the upcoming expanding educational slot from Play’n GO, Gerard’s Gambit (coming soon), he seeks to reclaim the honour of the Wilde family name. Setting off on a round-the-world expedition, Gerard will stop at nothing to find some of the most elusive treasures.

This is sure to show the world that he has what it takes to be recognised as one of the best treasure hunters in the business, and that he’s worthy to carry the Wilde name. As well as being a fantastic new adventure in the Book of Dead series, Gerard’s Gambit is designed to introduce newcomers to the world of online slots.

Taking place across ten levels and multiple locations, players will be gradually introduced to new and exciting features, as well as an expanding reel. Starting at 3x1 and ending at the standard 5x3 size, Gerard’s Gambit gives veteran players an exciting route of progression, while also allowing new players to learn traditional slot mechanics without being overwhelmed.

With so many wonders still rumoured to be hidden from humanity, the incredible legacy of the Wilde family is far from over. And if there’s one thing for certain – with Rich, Cat, and now Gerard at the helm, the Wilde family truly is a force to be reckoned with.

Wait, you thought this was it? Oh no, there are plenty more Wilde titles for you to explore. You can check them out here in the Wilde Series. Or, if you like Ancient Egypt slots or your favourite feature is the Special Expanding symbol in our Dead series, why not check out our Ancient Egypt-themed slots? You can find them all here.




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