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Wield the Mighty Odin’s Power in our Latest Slot!

We are taking you on a journey to Asgard for our latest slot adventure, Ring of Odin!

Ring of Odin is a 5-reel video slot based around the almighty figurehead of Norse mythology, Odin.

The game’s title refers to Odin’s fabled ring Draupnir; a ring forged by elves, which had the power to multiply itself into nine rings every ninth night.

Norse mythology is full of rich detail and we’ve made sure to represent that in the game, linking it directly to its source material. From symbols based around different Norse legends to the game’s main feature, which allows the ring to split and cover nine spaces on the grid.

Ring of Odin is the latest addition to our games based on Norse mythology, including titles sch as Viking Runecraft and Troll Hunters.

Along with our collection of ancient Egyptian slots, we’ve really excelled in the myth-based adventure slots. Our CEO Johan Törnqvist spoke about this fact:

“Mythology is a very popular subject and a rich source of inspiration, with plenty of stories to be told.

At Play'n GO we are, first and foremost, entertainers. We pay particular attention to creating a rich narrative in these games, something players appreciate and enjoy immensely”.




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