We welcomed iGB to Malta

Speaking with our CEO Johan Törnqvist, the conversation touched on, among other things our latest innovation, House of Doom, a 5-reel slot created in collaboration with Swedish metal band Candlemass, which is pushing the innovation of music-based slots further than ever, an idea Johan wanted to fully explore:

“We felt that we wanted to do something else…something with more artistic freedom and definitely more involvement of the actual band, and here we have an amazing collaboration.”

They also spoke about the company’s perceptible rise in the iGaming market and what the future holds for Play’n GO, something Johan feels strongly about:

“We are trying to break new ground and to create something that’s not there today…”

Hannah also spoke with Liana Mifsud, HR Business Partner, about the people of Play’n GO. While we’re growing, Liana believes it is crucial to grow in the right way:

“We’re growing fast, but at the right pace. We have vacancies all the time, but…we are not bringing in 20 people at one time. We add them little by little, train them in that team, and then we keep going”.

Check out the video for more amazing insights into Play’n GO



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