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Top Summer-themed Slots to play in 2023

To help you narrow down your search this summer, here’s a curated selection of our best summer-themed slots for 2023 at Play'n GO.

Top List Summer Slots banner with Rocco Gallo and Yeti character

At Play’n GO, our collection of exciting titles has something for everyone. We put a lot of thought into creating a huge selection of online slots to suit many a variety of seasons, holidays, and themes for our fans.

While the magic of summer doesn't happen at the same time for everyone around the globe, this enchanting time of year is always in full swing somewhere. During the summer months, life seems to take on a vibrant hue, the waters beckon, and cultural festivities bring people together under the sun-filled sky.

To celebrate the spirit of endless summer, we invite you to explore Play’n GO’s top summer-themed slot games. Each game is a tribute to the vibrant energy and radiant joy of the season, offering thrilling gaming experiences enriched by sun-soaked fun and adventure. Let’s dive in!

Experience the Ultimate Getaway in Hotel Yeti-Way

Set off for a sunny island adventure with our favourite abominable snowman in Hotel Yeti-Way. This dynamic payways game brings a touch of winter cool to the tropical summer heat. Boasting a whopping 262144 payways, this slot features a yeti whose love for adventure and tropical relaxation is unmatched. The game includes exciting features like Bungee Jumping, Surfing, and Scuba Diving, each of which adds an extra layer of excitement to the game.

Hotel Yeti-Way reels full of symbols

Join the Vibrant Celebrations in Puebla Parade

Next, we step into the colourful world of Puebla Parade, where Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in grand style. The lively visuals, energetic music, and innovative features make this game the perfect summer-themed party. Dancing Duo, the game’s characters, bring extra zest to the game, turning the reels into a lively dance floor. As the reels expand, you’ll have more opportunities to win and join in the fiesta!

Puebla Parade reels full of symbols

Savour Sweet Wins in Baker’s Treat

Summer is a time for indulgence, and Baker's Treat delivers just that. Set in an English country garden, the game features rich desserts that can help you win exciting prizes. The Triple Berry Layer Cake is the wild symbol, while other sweet treats provide you with the chance to win special bonuses. So, if you have a sweet tooth, get ready to enjoy a taste of summertime success with Baker’s Treat.

Baker's Treat reels with cake symbols

Discover the Magical World of Enchanted Meadow

Immerse yourself in the magical world of Enchanted Meadow, where fairies delight in a fanciful 5-reel slot. With various enchanting features, this game offers a unique, whimsical summer adventure. Avoid the angry wasp, seek the hidden fairies, and get ready to multiply your prizes in the optional Gamble round.

Enchanted Meadow reels with fairy symbols

Meet the Mighty Rocco Gallo

Last but not least, we travel to summertime Italy to meet Rocco Gallo, the mightiest cockerel around. This animal-themed slot brings a charming narrative to the grid, featuring a battle between Rocco and the cunning fox, Vinnie Volpe. With Golden Egg Scatters, Free Spins, instant prizes, and multipliers, this game offers plenty of excitement and anticipation.

Rocco Gallo reels with chicken symbols

With Play’n GO’s summer-themed hot slots, you’re bound to have a gaming experience that’s as exciting and memorable as a summer getaway. Get ready to take the plunge into some tropical fun and sun-soaked celebrations with us!




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