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How to play Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness walkthrough

Join Rich Wilde on the hunt to find the Tome of Madness, if you dare...

Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness online slot header

Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness is the second of five chapters in Play’n GO’s popular Rich Wilde saga, a 5x5 cascading grid slot following our iconic and intrepid explorer into the uncharted territory of entertainment, adventure and possibilities.

In this sequel to the world-famous Book of Dead, join Rich Wilde as he em

barks on an epic quest to reveal the secrets of the sinister Cult of Cthulhu and find the legendary Tome of Madness.

With everybody’s favourite adventurer by your side, gather clues by matching four or more symbols in clusters on the grid. Every time a cluster is found, more knowledge is added to Rich Wilde’s Portal of power, which unlocks a slot stacked with bonus features.

Follow the Tome of Madness as the Special Wild, which replaces all non-Wild symbols to help create winning clusters. Rich Wilde himself serves as the Multiplier

Rich Wilde character in Tome of Madness

Wild, replacing all high-paying symbols and multiplying wins by x2. Push the Portal high enough and unmask Cthulhu, the Mega Wild symbol, for capture.

Keep your eye out for any of the ancient relics and artefacts Rich Wilde is looking for – closed eye marks will appear randomly throughout the game. Open the eyes by forming a winning cluster on the location and receive two Special Wilds.

Use the Portal to progressively unlock unique features. When the Portal is charged with seven winning symbols, two Special Wilds will randomly replace two symbols on the grid. Power up with 14 symbols and two Special Wilds will not only randomly replace two symbols on the grid, but if these symbols create a winning cluster, the Portal will then activate the Abyss effect.

In the Abyss, all symbols in the same row or column as a Special Wild will be cleared and charged to the Portal. Plug 27 winning symbols into the Portal and two Special Wilds will randomly replace two symbols. If those symbols create a winning cluster, the Portal will activate the Void effect.

In the Void, a randomly-chosen non-Wild symbol will be removed from all spots occupied on the grid and counted towards the Portal.

At 42 winning symbols, the Portal will send players through an inter-dimensional gate, triggering the Other World feature, a free round with three different Portal effects at play: 1) Find four Special Wilds on the grid, 2) Activate Abyss effect, 3) Activate Void effect.

Tome of Madness symbol

For every three symbols over-charged to the Portal past 42 symbols, an extra Portal effect will be added – up to a maximum of seven. Following each cascade in the Other World feature, a Portal effect will cover the grid. Hit the maximum wins on a cascade and the next Portal effect will be triggered. Max out as many cascades as you can until you’ve used all your Portal effects.

In this final feature, stay focused on the closed-eye marks on the grid. The feature starts with 11 or 12 eye marks visible. Every time a winning cluster is formed on an eye mark, that eye will open, giving Rich Wilde a better view of Cthulhu.

When all eyes are opened, Cthulhu will be unveiled as the Mega Wild symbol and added to the grid. Mega Wilds will continue cascading down until the feature ends.

Don’t let Cthulhu out of your sight…




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