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Best animal-themed slots to play in 2023

This top list will explore this theme and also let you in on the best animal-themed slots to play in 2023.

Animal-themed slots for 2023 poster

The earliest slot machines were dominated by fruit symbols, but as the casino industry evolved and iGaming became bigger and better, more themes, graphics, and symbols started coming in. There are now hundreds of slot games available on various themes such as adventure, TV and film characters, music, history, pop culture, and so on.

But what remains one of the most popular themes, almost like a gift that keeps on giving, is the animal theme in slots. 

What are animal slots?

Animal-themed slots are all about the imagination. Sometimes, you can see animals in their natural habitat. So you might be running with the cheetahs and elephants in the African savannah or flying with colourful birds around the rainforests of Peru. 

Even for those interested in mythical creatures and beasts, and the extinct ones too, a rich variety of options are available. Dragons are some of the most popular slot characters out there and you can go on a fiery adventure with them with games like Beast of Wealth and 24K Dragon. And for palaeontology enthusiasts, there are many slot games that feature dinosaurs as well - we're looking at you Raging Rex and Raging Rex 2.

Why are animal-themed slots so popular?

The animal motif in slot games has been around since before slot games went digital. This is, perhaps, one of the reasons why lovers of traditional slot machines might gravitate towards online animal-themed slots. 

Moreover, animals are inherently unpredictable and sometimes adventurous by nature; game developers often use this to introduce surprising features into the games. For instance, a cute little monkey might be responsible for delivering the free spins to you or it could be a mighty dinosaur that tramples across your screen, blasting away clusters of matching symbols. This element also adds to the excitement of the game. 

But there are other reasons for the popularity of animal slots too. Most people love animals and the high-quality design and graphics of slot games now can make them look very cute indeed. The gameplay also does not deviate much from the theme. More importantly, the gameplay and features of these slots are not complicated and most of them are mobile-friendly. 

Here are some of the most popular and best-animal-themed slots by Play’n GO.

Animal Madness online slot reels

Animal Madness is a farm-themed slot game that is set in a countryside barn. It is full of cute farm animals which have unique characteristics and specific roles to play in the game. There is not a moment of quiet once the reels start spinning, with consecutive hits and features getting activated in quick succession, much like what it must be like on a real farm once the sun rises. The main feature of this slot is the cascading symbols that trigger various wilds and add modifiers to the game. 

Bull in a Rodeo online slot Free Spins information

Poor Benny the Bull is always getting stuck in impossible situations, leaving you in charge of helping him out. In Bull in a Rodeo slot game, Benny and his friends have taken some wrong turns and ended up at a rodeo where they continue to wreak havoc, much like its prequel game, Bull in a China Shop.

The location of this game is the rodeo arena’s bucking chute, the area where the game starts from. With five reels and three rows, the game is complete with a real-life rodeo vibe with the crowd going wild. The most unique feature of this game is the wild: there are three wilds, and each of them depends on Benny’s mood (happy, proud, or angry).

Raging Rex online slot reels

Dinosaurs come alive on your screens in the Raging Rex slot game. The thick forest setting and dinosaurs roaming free will make you feel like you are immersed in the Jurassic era on a wild and thrilling adventure. The creatures rampage and rage across the earth and the only one that can stop them is the good old T-Rex, which acts as the wild symbol in this game. 

Safari of Wealth online slot reels

The wildebeest is a beautiful creature that roams the wild terrain of Africa but one that most of us have probably never seen in real life. This creature that became famous after The Lion King movie for causing stampedes in the jungle appears alongside other dangerous wild animals in the Safari of Wealth. The players get a taste of the African safari experience while unlocking symbols that turn to gold.  

Cats and Cash online slot reels

Cats and Cash bring together the best of two genres of entertainment: animal slots and reality game shows. The main cat character is the host of a Wheel of Fortune-type game and also acts as the wild symbol. The retro gameshow vibe with animated cats with human-like features is what makes this game stand out.  

We have plenty more animal-themed slots for you to check out at Play'n GO and we have some new purr-fect titles on the way...




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