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The ‘100’ Series Slots at Play’n GO

Calling all thrill-seekers and grid slot lovers. We’ve got a treat for you. Our innovative '100' Series is full of magic and powerful grid slot action. Want to find out more? Keep reading.

Play'n GO's '100 Series' online slots characters from Rise of Olympus, Moon Princess and Sweet Alchemy 100

At Play’n GO, we pride ourselves on immersive worlds, innovative slot features and dynamic IPs – we're always looking for ways to take things to the next level. Across our 300+ slot library, we’ve curated a new series of '100' slot titles that spotlight increased potential, thanks to the opportunity to unlock a massive x100 Multiplier and up to x100 Free Spins!

What makes a 100 title?

To celebrate the trilogy of 100 Slots we’ve created so far, here’s a breakdown of each title in the 100 series. Let’s crank things up to triple-digit mayhem!

Coming soon

Sweet Alchemy 100 grid with Apple to the right

The Candy Witch is putting down the wand and picking up the textbooks!

Together with Cherry, Berry, and Apple, Candy shares her sorcery skills with her protégés, who are learning about the importance of teamwork as they transform themselves into powerful candy witches.

The 100 mechanic comes to life thanks to The Win Multiplier. When you enter the Free Spins round, you get to select one of three witches. This selection will determine the number of Free Spins and non-winning effects that will be available during the feature.

Additionally, during each non-winning Free Spin, the non-winning Witch Power will activate.

You can only receive a maximum Win Multiplier of x100, and there is also a limit to the number of Free Spins that can be obtained.

However, you can clear the grid without using the Trinity feature, you’ll be rewarded with a Clear Grid Prize. This prize includes a 50x Win Multiplier on top of their current bet.

Rise of Olympus 100 grid with the character Poseidon to the right

Sequels don’t get any bigger than this!

Following the highly successful Rise of Olympus (2019), Rise of Olympus 100 picks up where the previous story left off. You follow the brothers Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus as they all seek power across Olympus.

After the defeat of the brothers’ father Cronus, the realm is left in uncertain hands. Can you help our mighty Gods and save Olympus? Their fate is in your hands.

To start the Free Spins in Rise of Olympus 100, you need to land three Scatter Symbols. This feature really adds excitement to the game, as you can potentially win up to 100 Free Spins. Now that’s a feature worthy of the 100 mantle!

When you fill your Charge Meter, you can activate The Hand of God feature. You get to choose between three powerful gods - Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus, and your choice will impact rewards and gameplay dynamics.

Another exciting feature is the Clear the Grid prize, which increases the game's feature m

Moon Princess 100 grid with Love to the right of the grid

Moon magic is in our midst...

Harness lunar power in Moon Princess 100. Everyone’s favourite tiara-wearing titans Love, Storm and Star are back and, this time they’re turning the magic up to 100!

The Multiplier and the maximum number of Free Spins have jumped from x20 in the original game to x100. You can earn the Clear the Grid Prize by removing all symbols from the grid, which will pay out x50 of the total bet amount.

If you clear the grid while playing the Trinity feature, you can trigger Free Spins. You'll get to choose which princess will determine the number of Free Spins you'll receive and the effect that will be active during the feature. While playing Free Spins, you can activate the Girl Power feature on every non-winning spin. Keep in mind that the Win Multiplier and the number of Free Spins are both limited to 100.

In the game, every Princess possesses a special Girl Power that can assist you by removing objects from the grid. These abilities are activated randomly during an initial spin when no winning combinations have been created.

The character currently displayed on the screen determines which ability will be utilised.

Honey Rush 100

Coming soon

Honey Rush joins the 100 club!

Featuring a honeypot of sweet features, this title wows with its warm palette and innovative features much like the original Honey Rush.

The player can trigger Random Wilds if initial spins are non-winning, meaning there’s an extra opportunity to glaze the grid with honey-dipped goodness. Equally, Sticky Wilds can land so long as they’re part of a winning cluster, and they have the ability to bolster the player’s overall Multiplier and Honey Pot rewards.

The Colony feature has three levels and is activated when the required number of symbols is collected. If no further winnings are achieved, one of the three Colony features – Drone, Worker, or Queen – is triggered. Depending on the level of progression a different feature is deployed giving players a wide array of abilities to uncover.

If the maximum number of symbols is reached, it’ll turn into an Overcharge Metre. For every 15 symbols that are collected – the central symbol will be upgraded. Now that’s what we call a fly reward.

Honey Rush 100 is nearly here: can you feel the buzz?

Looking for more?

Did you enjoy finding out more about our collection of 100 Slots? If you’re looking for more grid slots you can find them all here!




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