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Play’n GO’s Successful Slot Game Audio: Book of Dead

Experience Rich Wilde and The Book of Dead’s audio alchemy… with your ears!

Play'n GO's Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead online slot.

Rich Wilde is a hero emblematic of the Play’n GO name. He’s innovative, adventurous, and dynamic – all qualities we as an iGaming powerhouse hold near and dear to our core business principles. Demo the Book of Dead slot here!


Rich Wilde’s story starts in the sandy dunes of Ancient Egypt, where the secrets of modern civilisation are said to have originated. Venturing alone without the help of Uncle Gerard or his daughter Cat – hidden mysteries lie ahead. 


In his quest for ancient treasure – Rich Wilde stumbles upon the fabled Book of Dead, a legendary tome rumoured to hold secrets beyond imagination. Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead offers a classic yet captivating slot experience, appealing to newcomers and enthusiasts alike. The game revolves around the intriguing concept of the Expanding Symbol, promising excitement with every spin. 


The celebrate this landmark title in our portfolio, we’re looking at the sweet sounds of The Book of Dead in our exclusive slot audio expose, with an exclusive quote from one of the Sound Technicians who helped craft this tentpole title. We’d say read on, but this time we need your eyes and your ears ready…  

Behind The Book of Dead 

“The Free Spins music in Book of Dead distinguishes itself during its time for its dramatic, high fidelity, epic orchestral style, encapsulating the essence of an adventurous explorer reminiscent of classic matinee movies, albeit infused with an Egyptian influence owing to the game's setting.”– Paul Zimmeraudio, Play’n GO Sound Technician

The Sound of Slot Perfection

As the Free Spins sequence begins, players are greeted with tantalising anticipation, heightened by a dynamic soundtrack that builds suspense and immersion. The music swells with each spin – mirroring the rising tension as players await the reveal of the Special Expanding Symbol synonymous with the slot franchise.

When the Special Expanding Symbol is randomly chosen, the audio accompaniment intensifies, signalling the significance of this pivotal moment. With each symbol expansion, the audio resonates with triumph, immersing players deeper into the thrill of potential wins.

Throughout the Free Spin sequence, the audio cues complement the gameplay mechanics, enhancing the understanding of when the Special Expanding Symbol may expand to cover entire reels. This unity between audio and gameplay aids to keep players engaged – almost as if they’re side by side with Rich amid adventure. After all, you know it’s a Play’n GO slot when the narrative and slot features intertwine.

The Sound of (Slot) Music

“Given our initial anticipation of the game's potential success, it was imperative that the theme possessed a memorable hook capable of enduring the test of time. The resultant motif, known as "Rich Wilde's theme," proved to be a catchy earworm—a spirited burst of brass melody heralding the inevitable triumph of our hero, Rich Wilde. This motif became inseparably linked with the Dead series, and the essence of that melody continues to resonate throughout the series of games – even to this day.”

Paul Zimmeraudio, Play’n GO Sound Technician

Looking for more? 

Be sure to check out our Dead series landing page for more Wilde fun. Alternatively, you could check out our Play’n GO Music content here if you enjoyed this audio deep dive into The Book of Dead 




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