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Star Joker Teach Players a Thing or Two!

Play’n GO announced their final game of the year today, with the release of Star Joker.

Star Joker is a 5-reel slot based on the traditional slot machine gameplay and features classic slot symbols such as Cherries, Plums and Lucky 7’s. But the game also has an added dimension with an interactive tutorial that a player can activate to teach them how slot games work.

The tutorial includes guidance on aspects of the slot such as how paylines work, how a player can change a bet, what a Wild symbol does and more. The tutorial provides a perfect opportunity to introduce new players to aspects of the game they may not fully understand and will aid in making informed choices when gaming.

Star Joker combines a long-established style and look of a standard slot with an interactive element to provide the perfect introduction to gaming, whilst still providing entertainment for more experienced players.

Johan Törnqvist, CEO of the successful supplier, reflected on how the game capped off a great year for the company:

“This game is another quality addition to our portfolio, and the interactive element is a great way to teach players knowledge we may sometimes take for granted in this industry and will help players play responsibly.

2018 has been a great year for us; we have released a number of high-profile titles that have performed exceedingly well and, with it’s gameplay and interactive elements, this game will be no different.

Now we look ahead to 2019 and even bigger challenges for us to conquer!”




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