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Slashimi - A Resplendent Recipe For Reel Success

Learn of the features and how to play Slashimi in this tasty recipe review.

Slashimi character poster with sushi symbols

With the overwhelmingly positive reception of Slashimi, the latest delectable slot game from Play’n GO, we thought it was only right to showcase this phenomenal recipe for all to try. While you might think such a high-end creation will be jam-packed with exorbitant ingredients from every corner of the globe, it’s actually a very straightforward concoction, as most of the best recipes tend to be.

The secret to Slashimi, however, lies within the way it is prepared. Some might think that a recipe simply requires one to throw everything together in a big mixing bowl. Whether it’s flavourful free spins, mouth-watering multipliers, or juicy jackpots, whisking it all together and throwing it all into a preheated oven is unlikely to produce anything that’ll win any awards.

It’s all about care and consideration when it comes to creating a stellar dish that can find a place in your recipe book. So, what goes into a fantastic recipe like this? Read below to find out!

The Mouthwatering Method for Slashimi

While many would struggle to match the prowess of someone such as Chef Jiro Miike, you’ll at least be able to learn each step required to get the most out of this recipe. Of course, visiting his prestigious yet quaint sushi restaurant will show you what years of discipline and dedication to the culinary arts can provide someone.

First off, you’ll want to gather all of your ingredients. When it comes to Slashimi, you’ll want to have your basics at hand, including your base maki symbols and plenty of valuable sushi symbols as a tasty foundation for the dish. Then you’ll want to pick some Wild soy – you can find this on your own, if you have a love of foraging, or find it at most authentic Asian supermarkets. And finally, you’ll want to have plenty of Golden Wasabi at hand. This cousin of the humble horseradish is sure to spice up your dish, making for a mind-blowing meal!

And now, the method to the madness. You’ll want to first gather all of your base symbols and those high-quality sushi symbols and get spinning. As the reels spin and the symbols are mixed, you’ll notice that occasionally, these symbols will begin to merge forming small winning combinations. This is the consistency you’re looking for, so keep at it and remember that the more winning combinations you get, the better!

As your mixture of wins starts to thicken and increase in number, you might also start to see some other features throughout this concoction. Certain symbols will become large enough that they can be sliced in two, maximising taste and helping your mixture to form even more winning combinations! Take a sharp knife and slice these symbols up, just as you’d see Chef Jiro Miike do at his restaurant.

Wasabi Scatter Symbol in Slashmi

And finally, if you’re a fan of spicing things up, it’s time to add your Golden Wasabi to the mix. Scatter this fiery feature across the reels and you’ll find that, if you add just the right amount (3 Golden Wasabi symbols), the mixture will combine to create 5 deliciously spicy Free Spins. Each of these Free Spins can create even more winning combinations, seemingly out of nothing! We don’t really understand the science behind it, but we choose not to question it.

Don’t forget that presentation is everything. Slashimi wins can be served across 1000 delectable different payways, so get creative and serve up some sumptuously splendid dishes to really wow your dinner guests.

We hope you enjoy this incredible recipe even half as much as we do! And don’t forget to get the full experience of this delightful dish over at Chef Jiro Miike’s sushi restaurant in Slashimi!

Slashimi Recipe


5 Maki Sushi Roll symbols

1 Salmon Nigiri Sushi symbol

1 Shrimp Nigiri Sushi symbol

1 Tuna Nigiri Sushi symbol

1 Sea Urchin Nigiri Sushi symbol

1 Cup of Wild Soy

3 Golden Wasabi Scatters

A pinch of patience

A dash of luck to taste


  1. Spin the reels to mix up your symbols. With each spin, you're looking for the perfect combination of symbols to create a winning line.

  2. As you continue spinning, keep an eye out for valuable sushi symbols merging to form winning combinations. The flavours will begin melding together beautifully.

  3. Slice the Symbols. Once certain symbols become large enough, slice them into two, maximising your win potential and adding a delicious twist to your dish.

  4. Add the Golden Wasabi. Scatter your Golden Wasabi symbols across the reels. When you have the perfect amount (3 Golden Wasabi symbols), you'll trigger a spicy round of 5 free spins, adding an extra delicious dimension to your meal!

  5. Serve up your wins. Present your wins across 1000 different payways, creating a visually stunning and deliciously rewarding dish.

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