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Play’n GO packs a punch with their latest title

Pack & Cash delivers the goods as Play’n GO’s newest release.

This fast-paced game sees players hired at a brand-new delivery service company, Pack & Cash. A colourful environment with a steady flow of parcels will keep players busy, but they must have their wits about them as Express Packages fly by.

This game is packed full of features. An innovative sideways symbol cascading mechanic offers something a little out of the ordinary to the usual top to bottom cascade. With each cascade, the Multiplier increases by one, keeping players on the edge of their seats.

Another creative way this game keeps players engaged is the use of Express Packages. When triggered, they provide a mystery symbol, which could even be a Wild. Upon landing on the reels, all mystery symbols will reveal the same matching symbol. Any symbol can be chosen (except Scatter) to be an Express Package.

The game is designed to be light-hearted and fun. Other games in Play’n GO’s portfolio take a more realistic approach; this game’s artistic style choices are reminiscent of social mobile games such as Farmville and The Sims. Symbols pack plenty of character, designed to pop on the reels as the focus is on pattern matching to increase the player’s win.

Head of Games Charlotte Miliziano commented further.

“We love narratives and games series, but social mobile style games like Pack & Cash are so much fun to work on.

It’s great being able to experiment with different layouts and designs to impress our players.

It’s colourful, fast-paced and super rewarding.”

Play Pack & Cash today.




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