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Play'n GO Talk to Sabaton!

In the run up to the release of their first live performance in Malta next week to celebrate the launch of their new game, Play'n GO caught up with Sabaton!

They sat down with us and answered a few questions so we could get a closer look at what makes this band tick.

QUESTION: How would you describe the Sabaton game?

ANSWER: We think that it looks AWESOME! We’re thrilled with the end result so a super well done to all the Play’n GO team.

QUESTION: What drew you to the idea of working with Play’n GO to create this slot game?

ANSWER: We believe the cooperation helps Sabaton to reach out to new fans and it also helps us improve things around the band, thanks to the strong marketing network Play´n GO and casinos have.

QUESTION: What was it like being involved in the process of making the game?

ANSWER: Although Par, has some experience in game design, this was still new to all of us.

Play’n GO are extremely experienced in creating video slots. Their expertise and help have made this video slot possible.

QUESTION: You’re known for your exciting live stage performances, what can people expect from your Malta concert?

ANSWER: We’ve been touring for 20 years but we have never played in Malta, so we’re excited to see the reactions of our Maltese fans. We’re entering the stage expecting to create a night to remember for a very long time, both for the fans and ourselves. We hope that the experience created will make us want to come back soon.

QUESTION: This year is your 20th anniversary, any big plans to celebrate this milestone?

ANSWER: We’ve certainly planned our 20th anniversary. We’ve released our song Bismarck to celebrate this and we’re also upgrading the Sabaton Cruise to a bigger adventure, however, the biggest surprise is still to be revealed.





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