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Play’n GO shoot for the top with Gunslinger: Reloaded

25th October, 2018 - Leading supplier Play’n GO have today released their latest slot title Gunslinger: Reloaded; a fun adventure based on the legend and lore of the Golden Age of the Wild Wild West.

The 5-Reel slot is based around the mysterious Gunslinger, a nomadic cowboy who roams the Wild West, chasing lawbreakers and collecting bounties on some of the world’s most wanted criminals.

The award-winning supplier has also included three great bonus features to make gameplay more exciting; offering lots of fun and great chances for players to win. You can test the Gunslinger’s shooting skills by shooting playing cards to win the jackpot or shoot empty bottles to release the free spins.

The most inventive feature is the ‘Bounty Hunt’, where players chase one of the game’s main villains through the streets of the town, before finally facing them in an old-fashioned shootout!

Setting the game against such a well-known and much beloved backdrop meant particular detail had to be paid to the game’s design and its features, according to Play’n GO CEO Johan Törnqvist:

“The Western genre is extremely popular and well-known all over the world so, when designing a game like this, you have to be very faithful to the conventions of the genre.

Our producers made sure that the game captures the look and the feel of the Golden Age of Westerns, in both the main game and all of the added features, containing some of the most popular elements, to give players an immersive experience.”




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