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Play'n GO Rise to the Occasion with Phoenix Reborn!

Play’n GO have released their highly anticipated newest slot today and the title has been revealed as Phoenix Reborn.

The game is a 5-reel video slot, its look and features were inspired by the art and mythology surrounding the ancient Aztec civilisations, including the depictions of ancient warriors and the inclusion of animals native to the land during that time period.

The artistic design of the game also serves to enhance the expanding Wild feature that is a prominent part of gameplay. The Wild for the game is the mythical Phoenix, a creature famously depicted throughout history as a symbol of regeneration.

While expanding reels are common in the slot world, Play’n GO have animated both the Wild and its transition into an expanded symbol with a detailed animation that took many staff hours to design and execute.

The game’s designers spoke about how they were highly motivated by the visual elements of the game, seeing it as an opportunity to provide something truly remarkable to the games look:

“With the math of the game finalised early on, we were able to really focus on the design aspect of the game. We were highly motivated to deliver a visual spectacle and the graphical elements are something special, which we know players will enjoy.”

Phoenix Reborn is available to play online today.




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