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Play’n GO Reinvent a Classic with Mahjong 88

Play’n GO have announced another first with the release of their first 8x8 grid slot Mahjong 88!

Based on the popular 19th-century tile game, Mahjong 88 mixes a classic pastime with the modern entertainment of slot gaming.

The slot is packed full of interesting features and designs to add to the immersive element of the game, starting with their authentic aesthetic for the grid. Play’n GO attention to detail in their cultural representations have become something of a hallmark with games such as Viking Runecraft, Legacy of Egypt and, most recently, their 3D slot Contact all focusing highly on the accuracy of the game’s look.

They’ve also demonstrated this in their unique grid design for this game. Rather than spinning reel, the symbols appear on Mah-jong tiles and, when any tiles disappear from the “board” new tiles appear from underneath.

The features include Seasonal Wilds, which are linked to a player’s run. As the game is played players will progress through the four seasons, and each Wild performs a different task dependant on the season they are experiencing, along with a special Season Bonus as the seasonal change occurs.

The game also has the added attraction of appealing to casual and seasoned slot players with both short- and long-term rewards for players, meaning it will cater to a large slot audience.

CEO Johan Törnqvist was effusive when speaking about the game:

“We’re very proud of what we have created here with Mahjong 88. Not only is it our very first 8x8 grid slot, but we carefully curated the design to add a rich authenticity to the Mah-jong based theme.

It’s no secret that we’re going to be putting out a high number of games this year, and this is just one example of the high quality and innovation that every single title will carry.”




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