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Play'n GO reaching new heights!

We’re always trying to reach new heights at Play’n GO and it seems like one of our very own has taken it very literally!

Anna Chuvashyna is based in our Växjö office and she certainly reached one of the highest heights possible when she successfully climbed Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe standing at a whopping 5,642m!

Part of the Caucasus mountain range in Southern Russia, Elbrus is actually a dormant volcano and climbing it represents a huge physical challenge, one Anna was ready for.

We talked to Anna to learn more about her and this momentous achievement!

Hi Anna, how are you doing?

I’m very well thank you, how are you doing?

First of all, how long have you been at Play’n GO?

This year I’m celebrating 3 years at Play’n GO…yay!

Congratulations on your incredible feat, had you climbed any other smaller mountains before this?

No, Elbrus was actually my first mountain!

Wow… that’s quite a summit to tackle for your first try! How long did it take you to prepare for it?

I ran the Gothenburg half marathon just three months before climbing Elbrus, back in May, so a lot of my training for that helped me prepare for the climb. Exercise and activity are a part of who I am and, actually, I like the fact that sport is an important part of Play’n GO culture. I like to make sure I am active most days and a couple of my favourite things to do are to go for lunchtime runs in the forest and play tennis with friends and colleagues.

How long did the actual climb take you?

The whole expedition takes 7 days. The majority of the time is used to acclimatise to conditions and prepare for the climb. We learned how to use climbing equipment; how to work in team and how to scale the mountain safely. Each day we rose higher and higher above sea level. The final day was dedicated to the hike to the top which took us around 6.5 hours.

It sounds like a lot of work. What was the hardest part for you, personally?

Learning how to deal with being active whilst dealing with low levels of oxygen, that was a real challenge!

That does sound difficult! What inspired you to do this?

I like adventures. I get my ideas for new adventures and challenges from talking with friends and colleagues, from the internet or simply just reading a book. The idea to climb Elbrus came from some reading I did on the internet. It seemed like an exciting quest, so I thought “why not?”!

So, now that you have bested Mount Elbrus, what’s next for Anna Chuvashyna?

If we’re talking mountains, then the next plan is to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro! The view from the top of there promises to be spectacular!

Anna Chuvashyna is a mathematician based in our office in Växjö, Sweden. She loves to travel and meet new people and her favourite pastimes include cooking, reading, participating in volunteer problems, solving maths tasks and sleeping!




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