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Play'n GO confirms high-level attendance at G2E 2023

The anticipation is building as Play'n GO approach the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) 2023 in Las Vegas this October. There’s plenty for attendees to be excited for this year and we can’t wait to meet lots of you at our booth. But you might be wondering: who is going to be at the Play’n GO booth this time around? Well, how about we tell you?

Play'n GO  logo with copy and Rise of Olympus character

We're pleased to confirm that our steering committee will be strongly represented at this year's event, and those that’ll be attending are very much looking forward to chatting about all things iGaming and Play’n GO.

Who will be at G2E 2023?

Joining us at the expo will be none other than Play'n GO’s CEO and Co-Founder Johan Törnqvist. Johan will be joined with fellow co-founder Ebba Arnred (Chief Marketing Officer), Magnus Olsson (Chief Commercial Officer), and Dennis Gustafsson (Chief Operating Officer). Moreover, there will be a number of key commercial contacts from around the world who will also be making their way to Las Vegas for the event.

And of course, everyone from our US-based team will be joining us at this year’s G2E, too. With so many faces at our booth and wandering around the show floor to meet other iGaming aficionados. Having a large selection of our team in attendance means that there will be a good variety of talents and expertise at hand.

That means that, no matter how technical or niche your questions might be, we should be able to find someone to give you a great answer!

Marketing masters

With our Chief Marketing Officer, Ebba Arnred, in attendance, alongside members of our marketing department, you’ll also get some insight into our current ‘We are game’ campaign. Here we are demonstrating why our games, players and partners make us pioneers in the industry.

Without the innovative titles we have released over the years and the success they have brought us to the regulated markets that we’ve entered to the to the collaborative partnerships we invest in, we wouldn’t be in the position we are in now. We are game for the challenges and opportunities that we face in our evolving industry. Play’n GO were the first to recognise the potential of gaming on the GO. We are game.

Secure a meeting with Play'n GO at G2E

Based on the success of last year, we are expecting a lot of buzz around the Play’n GO booth for 2023. Of course, we are being proactive here, and for the expo this year, our booth will be twice the size compared to 2022.

However, sadly we can only talk to so many people each day. If you have some pressing questions for our team that you simply can’t miss out on asking, or you just want to connect and say hi, you can set up a meeting and secure a spot.

To set up a meeting or to get more information about Play’n GO’s attendance at G2E 2023, visit our G2E 2023 landing page.




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