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Play’n GO make a break for the piggy bank in Piggy Blitz

Piggy Blitz banner

21 September 2023—First, Play’n GO established that pigs could fly in the classic Flying Pigs (2013), and now we’ve been shown that hogs may know a thing or two about coin collecting in the new online slot, Piggy Blitz.

Play’n GO’s always championed iGaming diversity and player choice – offering up a wide variety of titles such as dynamic Table Games, gripping Grid Slots and of course, fun and easy to follow Animal Slots. Piggy Blitz is no different. Set atop a gameshow-style backdrop – this title boasts 4,096 payways and a x5,000 max win potential.

This slot sees oink-busting features where collecting every coin from the magical piggy bank is the name of the game.

Players must match three or more Pig, Dice, Letter, Diamond Chip, and Coin symbols to secure a standard victory. As gameplay progresses, players will encounter three powerful fixed jackpots and a Bonus Cash Collection symbol that harbours the power to collect more coins. Reminiscent of the mechanic present in Cash Pump (2019) – this feature is present in both the standard game as well as the latter game modes.

Players can trot into the Blitz Spinz Free Spins round if three Scatter symbols are secured. During Blitz Spinz, only Guaranteed Win Spins and Cash Collection symbols can be secured – meaning no matter where the Piggy Bank erupts, it’s all high-value rewards across the board. Three Scatters unlocks five Free Spins, four unlocks ten and five unlocks 25. If a player secures six Scatters, they unlock a whopping 50 Free Spins – coupled with a major prize, Blitz Spinz make gameplay both immersive and rewarding.

Piggy Bank symbols can also be secured on multiple spots across the play table, further increasing prize potential. Alongside doubled Gold Coins, this title’s gameplay maximises ways in which players can win.

Head of Game Retention at Play’n GO, George Olekszy said:

Piggy Blitz is all about instant action.”
“Having Guaranteed Win Spins, as well as regular Cash Collection symbols peppered throughout, make this title a lot of fun – we think fans will really enjoy it. Not to mention, x5,000-win potential and the cartoon, game show visuals are a delight too. Piggy Blitz is another classic for us, and it's another perfect addition to the Play’n GO slot portfolio.”




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