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Play’n GO unlock Pandora’s Box of Evil

Play'n GO's online slot Pandora's Box of Evil

2 March 2023—Play’n GO introduce Pandora to their popular Greek Mythology series with their new online slot, Pandora’s Box of Evil.

The legend of Pandora is a tale as old as time. Zeus gifted the box to Pandora warning her not to open it – he also failed to share with her that the box harboured the world’s greatest evils – and should she open it they would be unleashed onto the world. Her curiosity got the better of her and after freeing this evil, only hope remained in the box.

Play’n GO have put their own spin on the mythological tale as they tie hope, magic and monsters together in this new title.

Naturally, the main catalyst is the opening of Pandora’s Box, so the choice to make Pandora’s Box a feature which sees the box land on the reels to reveal a Mystery Symbol, Scatter or the elusive Spirit of Hope symbol not only ties the features to the theme but is a clear indicator for the player to follow closely.

Zeus also plays his part on the reels, as he may strike any revealed Mystery Symbol with lightning transforming it into a Mystery Wild. Whenever a Spirt of Hope symbol is revealed it will trigger will see any special symbols locked in place from the previous spin, upping the player’s potential and tying in the theme further still.

Play’n GO’s commitment to entertainment can be seen in the innovative way that they tie the features to the theme and narrative of the title.

The artwork in this game is visually stunning as Pandora is joined by a multitude of monsters on the reels which makes for entertaining gameplay throughout.

Players of Play’n GO’s well-established Greek Mythology titles won’t be disappointed with this new edition following popular titles like Rise of Olympus (2018), Gates of Troy (2022) and Athena Ascending (2022).

Head of Game Retention at Play’n GO, George Olekszy said:

"Pandora’s Box of Evil is a fun Greek Mythology slot that players who chose their games by theme or feature set sure to enjoy it immensely."
"Unlocking the main feature of this game by landing Pandora’s Box on the reels triggers a chain reaction of mystery symbols that really heightens the entertainment."




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