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It’s Time For Something a Little Different…

We like to look at things from a different angle, we’ve built our business on it. From seeing the potential of mobile gaming before anyone else to pioneering game formats like the cascading grid slots, we’ve built a reputation for seeing (and doing) things a little bit differently.

We’re seeing things a little differently with our latest game too. Wild Rails is a 5-reel video slot where players have to try and match symbols across the grid’s 30 fixed paylines. The game also has a special feature Ticket to Free Spins which gives the opportunity for unlimited free spins!

But that’s not the best bit. We literally decided to look at this game from a different angle by turning it 90˚ and making the reels horizontal.

Why? Well, first of all, it makes the game more natural. Each reel is a train, carrying the symbols as carriages and it makes more sense for the trains to go across the screen, rather than up and down. Secondly, the game has a Wild Trains feature where a Wild Train will take over the reel, and up to five Wilds with it, those Wilds will already be sitting across a payline, and one train could fill a whole payline, you don’t get that with vertical reels!

Wild Rails will be released on July 11th, and we’ll have some of our experienced Sales and Affiliate teams at iGB from July 16th to 19th, if you see them why not say hi and find out more about this great game, and how we’re doing things differently, to get better results.

So on July 11th get onboard the Wild Rails, and we’ll show you why seeing things from a different angle can be so much fun!




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