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ImmorTails of Egypt is hiss-tory in the making

Play'n GO, ImmorTails of Egypt

22 September 2022—Play’n GO combine two favourite themes in their charismatic Ancient Egypt meet animal-themed grid slot, ImmorTails of Egypt.

Bestowed with the powers of their ancestors – the Ancient Egyptian deities that they’re named after – Bastet, Mafdet and Sekhmet may be cute, but they are equally mischievous, and the slippery serpent Apep is on a mission to steal their treasures. We have a feeling the gods might have something to say about that...

Symbol transformations, Expanding Wilds and a quirky theme sees a new and exciting addition to Play’n GO’s portfolio of industry-leading titles.

Bastet, Sekhmet and Mafdet sit at the top of the grid with metres above them so players can clearly see their progress and how many of the kittens they are about to see transformed into Expanding Wilds. And there is the opportunity to have all five reels covered by Expanding Wilds.

During the Free Spins round the reels expand from a 5x3 to 5x4, and a Multiplier is also applied which is designed as a locked treasure chest which bursts open when wins are achieved revealing the Multiplier achieved and creating a real sense of reward.

The way the kittens transform into big cats is an innovative way of tying features, theme and narrative together as you can physically see the kittens harness the power of their ancestors on the grid, upping the entertainment as well as the potential factor for the player.

The game itself is a visual delight, set on the backdrop of a tomb with pillars covered in hieroglyphics with a feline touch. The way the kittens evolve and interact with the antagonist Apep is a testimony to Play’n GO’s mission to inspire fun.

Play’n GO’s Games Ambassador, George Olekszy said:
“This is a really fun game to play, the goals are clear from the start as players can see their progress with the kittens at the top of the reels and whether they’ve collected enough symbols to open the treasure chest!
“Play’n GO has an innate knack of knowing how to use themes that complement each other to create a game that may seem a little different to start, but the finished product just works!”




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