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A Universe of Grid Slots - How Play’n GO pioneered an iconic slot style

If you’d like to play free online slots and try out the many grid slots on offer at Play’n GO, click here where you can demo online slots including the Reactoonz slots.

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In the world of iGaming and online slots, there are a number of variations that offer players vastly different experiences. For example, you might find the classic nostalgia from the 3-reel slot with one payline to be your preference, or perhaps you prefer the popular 5x3 reel layout found in many online slots today. It’s always a good idea to demo online slots to find out more about the many different types available.

You can play free online slots over at Play’n GO today to really get a feel for these varied experiences. So, have you ever wondered what is a grid slot? We explored everything you'd need to know to get your head around this incredibly popular style of slot games here!

Why are grid slots so popular?

In fact, it was Play’n GO that pioneered one of the most popular styles of online slots around. Grid slots function similarly to other types of slots in that the player spins the reels to create winning combinations of symbols. However, with each winning combination, or cluster, those symbols disappear, allowing those above to cascade into their place. This can then result in more winning combinations being created on the same spin, and potentially a chain reaction of wins.

What makes grid slots different?

So what is it that really helps grid slots stand out? The cascading symbols are a fun twist on the slot game formula, but it's the many other features that this helps to enable that takes things up a notch, especially with how these features can tie into the many different themes and genres of slot games. Play’n GO is home to a wealth of different slot themes, from Animal Slots to Music Slots as well as popular mythological genres like Ancient Greek and Ancient Egyptian slots.

Many of these categories of slot games have a combination of standalone IPs as well as sprawling series like the ever-popular Wilde series. And within these, Play’n GO has sought to provide players with a mixture of both standard reel slots like Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead as well as grid slots like Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness. While both are from the same IP, they couldn’t be more different in terms of gameplay mechanics.

Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness screenshot

What are the most popular grid slots?

Due to the popularity of grid slots around the world, Play’n GO has even created some series that are built entirely around this concept. The most notable of these is the iconic Reactoonz series. Back in 2013, Play’n GO released the Energoonz slot, the first entry into the series. Of course, it wasn’t until the release of Reactoonz four years later that the idea of this becoming a series began to take root.

Why is Reactoonz so popular?

The evolution that the alien Reactoonz had undergone in this time was reflected in Play’n GO, and that evolution continues to this day. While the Energoonz had evolved at the hands of the genius Dr. Toonz into the Reactoonz, Play’n GO was evolving at the hands of the many talented individuals that make up the team. A dedication to innovation and keeping ahead of the iGaming industry as a whole has been a constant for the company, and that shows in the quality of each game that is released.

The first innovative feature that came to the Reactoonz series was the charge meter. This gave something for players to keep track of on each spin, building tension throughout every cascade as the meter increases. Every symbol in a winning cluster will add one to the meter, and once certain milestones are reached, an electrifying bonus feature will be added to the grid. This feature was a very popular one among fans, and led to it becoming a constant in future additions in the series.

Reactoonz screenshot

What other games are in the Reactoonz series?

The series then continued to evolve, faster this time, as Play’n GO evidently saw more potential in the series. But finding ways to consistently improve on popular titles, making them fresh whilst maintaining what fans love about the series, can be a challenge. However, Play’n GO’s focus on delivering the highest quality entertainment to fans, and their determination to create each new release with the utmost care and love, is what led to stunning sequel after sequel.

What’s the next game in the Reactoonz series?

Now, culminating in nearly a decade of work on the series, Play’n GO’s latest Reactoonz release is nearly upon us. The hard work of the Play’n GO team, in-line with the hard work of Dr. Toonz, of course, has led to the creation of the stunning Gargantoonz. In this latest release, Dr. Toonz has finally managed to create a small, one-eyed Gargantoon, packing all the punch of its gigantic predecessor, in the small and efficient body of the Reactoonz. With explosive features like the Gamma Ray Burst, Black Hole, and Supernova, Gargantoonz serves as a perfect milestone for ten years of the Reactoonz series.

Gargantoonz screenshot

If you’d like to find out more about grid slots and why players get so much enjoyment out of them, or you’d like to try out the Reactoonz series itself, you can play them for free on Play’n GO’s site, right here.




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