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The Circus is Coming to Town!


The circus is back in town…or at least an alleyway in a rundown broken part of town.

Are you looking for fun, excitement and the most entertaining clown show around? Well, until the real circus gets back in town, you can make do with 3-Clown Monty!

The Monty Brothers, Bumbo, Schmucky and Whatda, decided to start a business as clowns, with little to no discernible talent; what a feat! Now, they have been showing up to perform for audiences all over the country. They’re so devoted to their craft, not even a slew of bad reviews and refund demands have been able to stop them; that’s dedication!

Join them for somewhat funny hijinks, the most basic of sleight of hand magic and other things you will be mildly interested in for a day out of fun and delight, so we’re told.

But it gets slightly better; there’s a new addition to the team! The Monty Brothers have added Bit-E to the show, a kind of trained gorilla that has made the show completely bearable.

So, come on down to the little alleyway just beside the town hall for a special performance. But hurry, it’s for one night only as they usually have to leave town straight after their first performance.

3 Clown Monty will be available to play in multiple jurisdictions from 13th May.




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