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Greek Mythology: Gods, Goddesses and Gorgons

Greek mythology characters are perfect for the world of online slots.

We’re talking about a variety of family feuds, dynamic narratives and electric visuals that are the epitome of pure entertainment.

Want to see what we mean? Check out all of the characters that appear in our Greek Mythology games below.


God of the Sky

Zeus is best known as the ruler, protector and father of all gods and humans. He always carries an air of wisdom with his dazzling white beard and fatherly figure.

You’ll find Zeus in:


God of the Underworld

Ruling over the House of Hades alongside his wife Persephone and his three-headed dog Cerberus, Hades has a forbidding and aloof nature as he resides in the shadows.

You’ll find Hades in:


God of the Sea

Never seen without his trident, Poseidon has quite the reputation for having a bit of a temper, kind of fitting for the ruler of the turbulent sea!

You’ll find Poseidon in:


Goddess of War

One of Zeus’ favourite children, Athena harnessed almighty power. Intellectual with military prowess. Athena is the epitome of a great leader.

You’ll find Athena in:


The Loyal Watchdog

Hades' faithful pet isn't your average domestic dog... Cerberus was said to have three heads and would devour any soul that tried to leave the Underworld (gulp!).

You’ll find Cerberus in:


The One-eyed Giant

Hidden in huge caves in the sides of ominous mountains, these massive one-eyed giants are one of Greek Mythology’s most terrifying creatures. We can see why...

You’ll find Cyclops in:


Fearsome Flights

Harpies have evolved over time to become frightful creatures, part bird with a human face, they were said to pluck their prey from the land and carry them into the skies.

You’ll find Harpy in:


The Hero

No matter the monster Hercules has slain them. Enormously strong, Hercules was known to carry both a bow and a club as his weapons of choice.

You’ll find Hercules in:


Mortal Monster

Infamous. Medusa is renowned for her hair of snakes and unlike the other gorgons, she was often painted as beautiful.

You’ll find Medusa in:


Minos’ Bull

With the body of a man and the head of a bull, the Minotaur was a fearsome creature to behold. Certainly one we wouldn’t like to stumble across in a dark maze...

You’ll find the Minotaur in:

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Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Athena – you’ll find all the most infamous Greek Gods in our electric collection of online slots. For the ultimate sibling rivalry check out Rise of Olympus, known as one of the best slot games around, has proven to be a hit amongst operators and players. If Hercules and his battles against the titans is more your thing, check our online game Myth where you’ll find Medusa to the Minotaur and an array of other beastly creatures. Or maybe you’d like to explore alongside avid adventurous Rich Wilde and Cat Wilde in Rich Wilde and the Shield of Athena?

If this sounds good to you, why not try one of our Greek Mythology online slots today?




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