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Cook up some fun! Satisfy your appetite

Play’n GO have done it again! Another entertaining concept providing a unique twist on the slot formula in their latest offering Sizzling Spins.

Released just in time for the height of summer, Sizzling Spins is a 5-reel slot giving players 243 different pay ways, plus some novel bonus features!

Although inspired by the idea of the traditional ‘great British BBQ’, the slot will resonate with audiences globally; BBQ’s are a celebrated pastime the world over across many different cultures and countries.

Capturing the feel of a BBQ was crucial to the concept of this game, something that the creative team took very seriously from the beginning of the project right through to the final product. Producer Daniel Wright spoke about how it was accomplished:

“Everyone loves a barbecue, and not only for the burnt sausages! It’s about the good feelings that come with it – sunshine, loud music and friends. We tried to recreate that feeling in Sizzling Spins in many ways.

Firstly, the gameplay is focused-on fire and heat, to evoke feelings of a hot summers day. We also knew we needed to create a ‘good time’ feel with the music. What we call ‘Dad Rock’ was the stand out music choice as, no matter what your music taste, everyone can enjoy a bit of 70’s/80’s classic rock while flipping a burger, even if it’s a bit tongue in cheek.

To give it that extra party feeling, players will notice the background chatter that really makes it feel like you’re tending the barbie while your friends are hanging out in the sun nearby.”

After last month’s release of Hugo Goal, whose release coincided with the start of this year’s World Cup, this is another release from Play’n GO taking that same tack, and it is no accident. Having their finger on the pulse is something Play’n GO are taking seriously when it comes to releasing their games. CEO Johan Törnqvist believes it can be an important part of creating entertaining games:

“Players will feel more of a connection with a game that speaks to where they are at, at any moment in time; a game that reflects their interest and what they are doing. Sizzling Spins is a huge amount of fun and we know people are going to enjoy it, the concept and relevance just adds that little bit extra for the players, and that’s what it’s all about.

While Hugo appeals massively to people in the throes of the World Cup, this game is going to speak to people who love the idea of revelling in the sunshine, lighting the barbecue and appreciating some quality time and good food… and who doesn’t like that?”

With its fun concept and enjoyable gameplay, Sizzling Spins looks like it might just be this summer’s hottest game.




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