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Check out our Top Horror Games

Play'n GO Horror Games

Horror games aren’t just for Halloween.

These are the games to play when we want jump scares, gruesome visuals and spooky sounds that’ll send a shiver down your spine.

But what makes a great horror game? We’ve put together our top scary games list, ok they’re not that scary, but they are scarily good!

Keep reading, if you dare…


Stay out of The Seer’s sight

House of Doom

Spookily beautiful, both editions in the House of Doom series feature a running purple theme which complements the creepy (definitely haunted) church/crypt background, and of course, there’s a skull or two in there too. This is probably the most gothic-looking game in our array of online slots.

We love the creep factor in these games.


Where the dead walk amongst the living

Rise of Dead

Now, this list wouldn’t be complete without a few ghosts, would it?

Ancient Egypt. A time of merciless gods and pitiless pharaohs who would guard their treasures well into the afterlife. Enter the pyramid that will lead you to the tombs of great pharaohs who guard The Book of Thoth.

If you love games set in Ancient Egypt then you’ll love The Dead series.


Our very own Victor Frankenstein and his creature

Dr Toonz

A list of monster games just wouldn’t be a monster games list without a mad doctor and his creature that defies natural science? Unlike Victor Frankenstein, Dr Toonz's creations are a little more… out of this world (quite literally) as his ventures combine the sci-fi and horror genre in the Reactoonz series.


80s horror movie vibes incoming

The Wild Class

Is the horror genre complete without werewolves or 80s music hairdos and fashion? Nah, we didn’t think so. The Wild Class sees a group of undergrads, Jess, Mike and Chris transform into fearsome werewolves at the sight of a full moon.

This game is set on the backdrop of a haunted amusement park where you’ll hear the screams of excitement as the roller coaster drops.

We only hope they’re the only screams you’ll hear…


Something to sink your teeth into…

Wild Blood 2

The vampire is a horror classic. This gothic game takes us back in time and deep in the South, where a coven resides in a spooky mansion that is headed by the King Vampire. Meet the beautiful Rebecca, Laura and Margaret, Be still our bleeding heart… sorry, beating heart.

A misty backdrop in an isolated forest really sets these scenes for this spooky slot.


Can you feel the ground shudder?

Raging Rex 2

Journey to a time before man walked the Earth and the mighty dinosaurs ruled. The dinosaur is a formidable creature that we often see represented as a monster, you only have to look at Godzilla. And of course when we think of dinosaurs, we think T-rex! Better keep your wits about you…

Did you just feel the ground shake? (Gulp!)


Unearth the monster-men

Lordi Reel Monsters

The monsters come out to play in our latest monster rock slot. The Finnish band gives us all The House of Hammer Horror feels with their epic costumes and gruesome backstories.

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