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Uncover the Book of Dead

Discover the story behind the world’s number one online slot, Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead.
Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead

The shadow of an explorer standing upon the dusty sands of Ancient Egypt comes to light as the Egyptian sun begins to rise. It can only be, Rich Wilde.

Deep in the dunes lies a hidden door where the secrets to ancient civilisations and the afterlife await. Through the doors, passages lead this way and that, covered in hieroglyphics.

But what do they mean? Should he turn left, or right? Hmm...

What he seeks is a book, at this point he doesn’t know whether it is simply a legend or whether its existence is true, but one thing he does know. If anyone is going to find it, it will be him.

A glimmer of gold catches his peripheral. In the dark a door reveals light. A tomb. Could this be it?

Cautious steps lead him to the golden tomb. Twitchy fingers are calmed with a deep breath. Shifting the heavy lid to the side, our adventurer peers inside only to see...

Will you uncover the Book of Dead?




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